Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well, in all my excitement for Hawaii ~ I kind of forgot there was always a chance I could be assigned elsewhere, and well, I have been.

Now instead of Hawaii, I am going to be going to a ship that sails from England to the Eastern Caribbean, down the east coast of S. America around the tip, up the west coast, mexican riviera, through the Panama Canal, then the Western Caribbean before sailing back to England. According to some info on the web, the ship sails next week from England, so I will meet up with it once I am cleared to go. Right now my date is Jan 11th to go out to the ship. I will have to go to a few days of training in FL at the Headquarters of my company, which should be a few days before I go to meet the ship.

So as of now, that's where I am headed. I will keep you all posted

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Candace said...

Wow! I'm SO excited for you Stay... I know you will love your work and will enjoy it to the fullest! How did this all happen? I wish you the best of luck and have f in England and all the othher really awesome travels you will have!