Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bottom of the World

28 Jan 08

Hope Bay, Antartica

When I post the pictures I took today, you will see what I mean. It is unbelieveable! Breathtaking. To go out on deck and see these colassal icebergs, right near the ship (and they are even closer as we leave the bay area now!) I even shot some video that I will have to figure out how to load up and post. It just boggles my mind! I am sitting in the café now, looking out the window in complete and utter shock at how this part of the world is; and how lucky I am to be able to see it.

Yesterday we were cruising around the islands that are part of the country of Antartica, but today we are actually cruising in the bay of the top of the continent. That blows my mind; I am actually in Antartica! At the very bottom of the world; it doesn’t even register in my mind what that means. Hopefully, the pics and video are coming out well enough to show you how mamouth the ‘bergs are, how pristine white the snow is, how blue and clean the water is, etc. The air is so fresh, it is heavenly!

Right now it is almost 4pm ship time and we are leaving the bay, heading north and going through “Iceberg Alley” Well they weren’t kidding – they are everywhere. I saw penguins FINALLY! From the ship they look so small and unfortunately I don’t have that great of a camera (first thing on my list to buy!) for those kinds of pictures.

Last night (the 27th) I went to the crew bar – nothing major going on, just hung out with a few of the guys while Clare and Amie finished in the shop stock room (they are having a Fashion Show tonight – should be a hoot). Have some funny pics of me with each of them that I uploaded. (Of course I will have some good ones from tonights show too) Here they are:


They are: Me :) then David, Bruce, Aranunab and then Ash (aka Fresh-Kabob LOL)

Nothing doing on the Matt front; we had fun the other night, talked a lot and got it out in the open on where we stood with each other. I told him I would take him up on the drink/coffee whenever we could and also for the lunch when we hit a port. Now the ball is in his court. I am not going to chase anyone. I may like him, but I am playing ‘The Game’ and being cool.

That’s it for now – internet is down again, so this will be posted whenever I can get it and the pictures loaded up to the blog.

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