Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First day .. from HELL

Monday morning, I had a 6.35am flight out of Islip NY heading to Ft Lauderdale. We left on time, no problems and even landed about 15 mins early! There was no wait for our bags, so I was in a cab by 10am .. wooo hooo I was psyched! I needed to go and get my medical evaluation done (again) called an ENG1. So I went straight to the dr's office.

All was going great and very quickly, till he took my blood pressure. He said it was very high. Which is quite unusual for me. I said I had just flown in, just lugged all my bags over to his office, was hot and anxious about the trip. Well he wouldn't pass me!!! He said I was too overweight and that was not good enough of excuses. Holy crap!! I was starting to freak out - I mean, if I don't get the certificate, I don't get to go on a ship b/c they won't allow me on without it. So I start to get really upset, the tears start flowing and I don't know what to do. So I go outside and call my Dr and ask him to call or fax this Dr Douche-Bag some info so he knows my bp is not like this normally. Then I call my new office .. to let them know and to ask what I should do. Of course I also call my Mom as I just need to freak out and have a shoulder to cry on. It was decided I would go back inside and talk to him and let him know my Dr was going to contact him, and ask what he wanted me to do

He had me sit in a room and try to calm down; kept taking it every 15 mins or so. Still was high but it was slowly coming down a little. So he put me through a mini stress test and an EKG to see what was going on with my heart (he said my bp problem would show up there) Well when he didnt find anything, he said "well I guess maybe it is stress and nerves" Duh you a-hole, you think???

So he gave me a very low dose bp medicine (2.5mg of Norvasc) and told me to come back tomorrow. I went down to the CVS and filled the scrip as well as bought a cheap bp monitor. I kept checking it through out the evening and it was lower, so I wrote down when I took it and what it was.

Today I went to my first day at the MTN office! Everyone there is so nice and fun; it was great! Dawn, the HR admin, drove me down to the dr after lunch. It was still a bit high (higher than the one's from the night before) but he said I should increase my bp med to 5mg (2 pills) and that he would pass me, but "with restrictions". Eeeek - what did that mean? Well it meant I was fit for duty for my job, but nothing else. He actually put "No emergency duties" What an idiot! Who the hell isnt going to do that ???

Anyway - MTN thinks it will be fine as I have the report from my Dr from the physical I had a month ago and my bp was 122/82 then. So everyone keep your fingers crossed for me ok? That no one gets wacko on me from the ship staff and refuse me the right to board. Cause that would freakin' suck!! I will be boarding on Friday morning, so think positive thoughts then!!

Its getting late and I have a busy day again tomorrow, not to mention a long flight tomorrow night, so I will sign off for now. Wish me luck!

P.S. - the job is awesome! Lots of cool stuff was taught to us (there is one other manager in training) I will get to that on my next post


Tee said...

Rock on girl & keep your head up, sound like ya had a minor snaf-u. Im so excited for you!!!

Dina said...

Everything will be ok Stacy, I will keep my fingers crossed and keep you in my prayers. Love and Miss you.

Jules said...

Keep your chin up - you are going to be great!