Monday, January 21, 2008

Land Ho!

21 Jan 08

Montevideo, Uruguay

Well, like I have said before – this is what this job is all about! Who gets the chance to get to some of these places? And for ‘work’?? LOL Montevideo is a lovely little town – mostly the normal hustle and bustle of a city, but many of the alleys in between some of the blocks had the cutest marketplaces. Little shops, street vendors and restaurants. Had a nice lunch with Cat at Pedro Adore; had fried Provolone, a chicken ka-bob and a nice wine. Not to mention the delicious Profiteroles for dessert! Yummy!!

After lunch we shopped in the market for a bit; I got a lovely hand painted print of the actual street with the restaurants and the big marketplace buliding behind it, another painting of a sailboat on a beach that has “Montevideo” on the side of it, an adorable hand made frog with the funniest grin and a nice little beach/pool bag with the country on it. Everything here is cheap. The paintings were about $10US, the frog was only $14US. I was expecting a lot higher but I guess I am getting used to the pound to dollar ratio. Once we were finished, we started to walk back towards the ship since I had to work at 1600 and Cat had to work at 1700. It was a lovely day and was nice to finally be in a port where we can walk to the town. (Recife, Buenos Aires and Rio you had to take a taxi to go anywhere nice – the ports were industrial, so nothing good was nearby)

Prior to going ashore, I had some free time before Cat was done work; after the crew drills that is. We had full drills today; was interesting. I have always been on the pax end, so it doesn’t seem like a big deal. But it is on the crew side. Basically they show us a film after every ALL crew drill to scare us silly ~ that was a little stressful!! That was over around 1100, so I went up on Dec 9 ½ again for about 2 hrs till she was available. I am putting on plenty of sunblock and timing how long I am on one side or another before putting more on, so don’t worry, I won’t make that mistake again! Iam shedding like a snake and I am leaving my trail of skin all over the cabin .. ewwwww. Our poor cabin steward has to Hoover everyday now. Thank goodness he loves me :) And thank goodness it is almost done – it is getting annoying! Its funny – I have peeled from head to toes .. in that order. First my face, then my chest, then my arms, now my thighs and my shins are next. Once they go, I am done! And the ankles are subsiding just a little and the Doc thinks I had a bad enough burn on my lower legs that any water I had was trying to re-hydrate my legs and instead was settling in my ankles just from gravity. They are starting to be a bit tender which (as my Mum knows) whenever you have a painful area, it seems everyone happens to bump into you in that spot! Right Mum? :)

We have just pulled out of port about 2 hours ago; we will have a Sea Day tomorrow as we head to Puerto Madryn, Argentina for Wednesday.

Here are the pics from today: (still working on trying to get the ones from Buenos Aires from the girls)

First pics are at the restaurant, then of the marketplace, then the ship and then ME! LOL The next ones are of the view from Deck 9 ½ pulling out of Montevideo and lastly the pics of the items I bought (the frog and the 2 painted prints)


Kelly said...

Too funny, just yesterday I watched a Samantha Brown travel show about Montevido! Looked like a neat place, very cool that you got to visit.

Hope your shedding days are over soon, lol. :-)

Pip said...

MUSTER?!?! I hope you didn't show up late like in the past!

I had a drill at work today too - except mine was with the SWAT team chasing us with guns. I feel your stress ;-)

Your description of the shedding is very entertaining - you are like a snake!

Love the pics - kabobs!