Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Love Boat

27 Jan 08

Half Moon Island, Antartica

Where do I begin ~ with last night or today? :) Let’s start with today, woke up and the Satellite was down again. When I got to breakast I heard a bunch of the engineering guys talking about it and that it was local; due to the mountains and glaciers around us. When I got upstairs (our deadlights are still closed, so I hadn’t looked outside yet) I was like OMG! It was breathtaking; I felt like Drew Barrymore at the end of 50 First Dates when she looks out the window of the sailboat and her mouth hangs open.

Ok so last night – seems Mr. Night Officer and I are moving right along. So I will give up his name :P His name is Matt, he is (obviously) from England. About 6’5, stocky, dark hair and blue/green eyes. Ok, so that out of the way, I can talk about yesterday. I think I left off with the fact that we had an impromptu lunch. Well I ended up running into him (kind of on purpose on my end) at the end of the night when I had to hand in my reciepts (for manual charges I need to run) So instead of putting them in at the back office when I ended my shift at 10.30; I was sneaky and waited till after 11 and then went to drop off my ‘chits’ then. Since there was a party in the crew mess, Indian Republic Day, and 2 of the 3 Night Officers were there (which I had seen) so I knew Matt would be in the office alone. Hee hee. It was cool; he and I ended up just chatting and talking for well over an hour. When they guys came back, he had to go on rounds and then ‘count out’ at the Casino so we walked out together and I was going to head back to the party. (the Indians really throw a good party!) He asked if I was going to bed (no), where I would be and I said the crew mess, and about somewhere. He said he was going to do rounds, then go back to his cabin for a fag (ha ha it’s a cigarette! LOL) and did I want to come hang out with him again afterwards. So I said I would meet him in the crew bar, the crew mess or his cabin in about an hour, depending on where either of us was.

SO I went back to the party; was a lot of fun. Great music and it was cool to hang out with a lot more of the crew members that I don’t really know. Wait staff, bartenders, etc. Around 1ish Clare, Amy, Tanya and I went down to the crew bar ( on the way back to Clare’s cabin to change her shoes ) And Matt was in there with another officer just chatting. No one was in there since everyone was in the crew mess at the party; then we all had a drink with Nash – the Crew Bar bartender – since he was finishing up working and could now go out. Then we left and as we did, Matt walked out the other door. I wasn’t sure where he was heading, but then I saw him down by his cabin and he motioned for me to come with him. I hung back from the girls, signaled for ‘1 min’ to Matt and then yelled to the girls, ‘ I am right behind you – be there in a sec ‘ and darted down a different hallway. I felt like I was in Mission Impossible or something!! Ha ha :)

We just chilled out in his cabin – he had a cig, I drank my wine and we talked and talked. Turns out he heard through the grape vine that I ‘ fancied ‘ him; how the hell he heard that I don’t know considering I only told 3 girls. But I think Clare’s boyfriend might be the “mole”. She probably told him during pillow talk, and if she didn’t tell him to keep it quiet, he might have said something to someone else and gossip like that spreads like wildfire on a ship. Oh well. I asked what he thought of all that and he said he didn’t mind at all; he liked me a lot, enjoyed talking with me, thought I was cool, etc. So he wants to hang out in port sometime for a drink and some lunch – YAY!! (the next time we get to a port of course LOL) So it looks like I am going to be getting’ me a nice fella to hang around with.

That’s all for now – time for me to head down to dinner and to get changed for Formal Night. (Anyone want to bet I will actually put on makeup?? I haven’t worn a bit of it since I got a tan! How very unlike me .. but I will certainly do it up tonight. Afterall, there’s a certain bloke I am trying to impress on)

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