Saturday, January 12, 2008

New phrase coined just for me! "E.D.F.S."

10 Jan 2008
Recife, Brazil

Which stands for 'Everything's different for Stacy' It started off as a joke in training the first day because my ship (and therefore cruise line too) is run a little different than the others. First offit is the only line that MTN services that deals in British Pounds. All the others deal with US$So we would be going through a program we use, blah blah blah and then David (the Training manager) wouldsay, "well not for you Stacy" P & O does it this way .... it got to be really funny after a few of them.
Then it seemed to have more meaning, since I had the problem with the blood pressure, then we had an issue yesterdaywith trying to apply to the US Coast Guard (seems I am still getting sent to Hawaii eventually and I need it to get on one of those NCLA ships) So now it has really stuck.. Yesterday at the office it must have been saidabout every 15 mins or so by *someone* (even Penny, our VP caught on!)
Ok, so I am now in Recife, Brazil; no problems all the way here (except a long line to check bags in Miami)got to Sao Paulo at little late, but still had plenty of time to catch my connection. Had to go through silly Immigration and Customs; had to then pick up my bags and then take them over and check them back in. I have waited in more lines in the last week than I think maybe I *ever* have at Disney!! Anyway, get my bags really fast in Recife, get a cab and I am at the hotel in 10 mins! Woooo hooo. Well I get out of the cab and the 2 bellmen are getting my cases (which is fine, those things are a beast!) So the guy goes inside the hotel, I pay the cabbie and I go inside to check-in. Well guess what???? I am missing a bag!! Yeah, the 2nd carry on .. not the one with clothes or anythingthat I can replace ... the one with my laptop, DVD player, Digital Picture frame and about every cable to go with themthat you can think of. OMG I start to freak out .. of course no one at the hotel speaks English very well and I knowabout 4 words in Portuguese! Just frickin great. So we hand gesture and make up words to communicate and the manager was going to call the cab company, try to see if someone can figure out who brought me over and if they can come back. UGH at this point I am trying to stay calm but the Bellmen Manager and the other bellmen are making sure I know it wasn't their fault! PITA's!! Don't take any responsibilty or anything .. since I told them I had 3 bags! Don't takeany of the responsibility or anything!! WHATEVER
After a few mins the girl at the desk said she would call me and let me know what is going on. So I went up with my 2 bags, proceeded to call Mom and of course lost it! I was freaking out, cause I knew I could by that time.Luckily, she calmed me down, we talked about a few options and when I composed myself enough to go back downstairs, I went.As I was coming out of my room, the cabbie and the Bell Manager were coming off the elevator ... WITH MY BAG! Holy hell! That was a close one. He even made me inspect it and yes, everything was all there. I was so happy ~ I kissed him (the cabbie)on the cheek and gave him about R10,00 (which is $10 Real (said like "reel") .. which converts to about $8 US) and a few R to the manager too. Ok, so that is where EDFS comes in again .. seems I just keep getting into these conondrums. Lucky for me, they are all working out in the end!!
I realized when I posted on Tuesday about my BP issue, I really hadn't mentioned the first day at work and how it all went.So skipping back a few days - training has been great. There are some really cool things I will be doing (on the techie side) and of course now I really can't wait to get on the ship!! Everyone at the office is awesome!! So friendly, so nice .. like a family really. Right off the bat everyone is close ... when I left yesterday to go Miami airport, everyone was so sweet! Giving me hugs and kisses - after only knowing me in person for 2 days. I thought that was great. I am not too nervous about the job; I havea great support system there. My manager Terri, then I could go to the other 2 managers if I couldnt get Terri, as well as our supportdesk and then a NOC on top of that. Plus, an added bonus - the existing manager on the Artemis will be on with me for 8 days. So I can get used to things and knowing me and how I am, I am sure I will be running it by eary next week :)
It is now going on 9pm and I am getting my things together *again* for my final "move" to the ship in the morning. I am getting pickedup at 9.30am at the hotel and will be taken right to the ship. The port agent has been in touch with me and even came by and got my documents so he can make copies and clear me through before I even get there. Once I get there, he will board the ship with me and get me handed right over to the Purser or whomever is coming to meet me. YAY!! It is finally here .. like the actual "embarkation" of the ship! I can't wait tosee her in person. I am going to be like a tourist; taking pics, gawking over the ship, etc
Of course I will post as soon as I can once I get settled .. ttfn!

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