Monday, January 14, 2008

Spoke To Soon About The Food :=)

14 Jan 08

Still sailing the Atlantic
Port Day tomorrow - Buzios, Brazil

Well I spoke to soon! The Officers Mess had great food tonight! Chicken Kiev ... yum! My brother and I used to eat these little frozen ones when we were kids. These weren't frozen and were pretty darn good .. my tummy was so happy :=) No good veggies tonight though. Hmmm oh well
Today was crazy busy in the cafe. We are always busier when it is a Sea Day, but we also ran a promotion called Happy Hour. Pax come in and log on, andhowever much time they are on, we credit half the time back. That went from 2 to 5. Well you would have thought I was giving out free Time Plans or somethingI mean I had a line at the cafe door of people waiting to get on a workstation. Whew! I am pooped out today

I am VERY much looking forward to tomorrow; for one we are finally going to be in port LOL (I am a bit tired of seeing all this water!) and two I will have more time off, for a longer span of time. Sea days I work 9 hrs (with only 2 hrs in between each shift) Port Days I work 8 hours .. 8-10 (or 9-11) and then notagain till 4pm; so I will be off a good portion of mid-day; yay! Can anyone say "pool time"?? (Damn, I wish it could be a Corona Fest! Maybe I can have one or twoand take a nap before I need to work again. And most of the pax will be off the ship so it will be pretty dead around the pool. Ha ha, I said "dead" We have been joking that we can't say any of those words (Dead, not living, etc) or else we are going to jinx ourselves and end up with a burial at sea! Eeeeeek! Weather tomorrow .. well, it is going to be the same as everyday. Hot and Sunny! :=) Usually about 85-90 degrees and mostlysunny. Ahhhh, I am looking forward to that tremendously!

Well I am off to do my nightly reports and crediting .. I am going to post this and see if I can upload a pic the manager Zoltan (who's place I am taking)took the night we were in Recife.

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