Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Throw another shrimp on the Bar'by

22 Jan 08

Somewhere on the same latitude as Sydney, Austrailia

We are pretty far south if we are parallel with Austrailia! Holy hanna .. it is getting cooler outside so we are definitely heading away from the heat and towards the cold Antartic. Thank goodness it will only last a few days; and it will be really cool to say I was in Antartica, saw the glaciers and the penguins!

Today has been a hellish day – so very busy in the café. I am beginning to dread sea days because we have so many of them that I get worn out! I worked from 9 till 1, went for lunch, then for Shore Excursions training and back to the café at 2; worked till 6.30, went for dinner, hurried to get dressed up (formal night) and then back to the café for 7 (was more like 7.30 actually) Whew! Thank goodness we are in Port tomorrow.

I am going on a tour tomorrow; we get to go on tours for free if we sign up to be a Tour Leader. Basically, I keep count of the pax, make sure everyone stays together and gets on the bus when we depart. Then all I have to do is a report at the end about the day; the pax enjoyment, how the guide did in running the excursion, etc. We are going to see the Sea Lions and Patagonia Ecstancia. Not 100% sure what it is, but I figure why not right? I also requested to be a leader in Port Stanley as they have some amazing Penguin tours. Don’t know (and won’t know) till the night before if I got it or not.

Some of you guys have still been asking about the pics from the night we went clubbing in Buenos Aires; I am still working on it. The shoppies (people who work in the shops) had a crisis and it turns out their crazy witch of a manager was fired ( they were celebrating!! ) but it means being more busy than ever. SO I still need to get the cameras from them. Hopefully tomorrow or the next sea day they will be back to normal.

Off for the night .. love and miss you all!


netsrik said...

Sounds like you are having a blast girlie apart from the burn but that wilol go.........

hope you dont mind kathleen gave me this site and i LOVE it, sail away for me i love living on the sea through you, have fun and keep on blogging i am jealous as i get ready to head to MN for yet AGAIN anothe training..... Marc Trapasso quit Dain last week :-( SAD

Love Kirsten

Melissa said...

Ok... Antartica???! WoW! I'd kill to go there just once. Can't wait for the pics from there!