Sunday, January 6, 2008

The time has come!!!

Wow, I am leaving for FL in less than 24 hrs .. it is actually here!! I am a little nervous, a lot excited, slightly anxious and very much looking forward to the travel!!

I am doing my last minute things; packing, double checking, paying bills, keeping my Mom calm :) We are having a family brunch today at 12.30 ~ all of my parents, brothers, my future sister in law and her mom. Should be a nice afternoon. Afterwards, will come home and clean out my truck (my brother wants nothing "girly" in it) so my brother can take it home with him.

Tonight I will probably just look over my mounds of luggage and triple check that I have all of the necessary things (meds, underwear, etc LOL) Maybe even bribe my brother to carry it out to the car :)

I will check in tomorrow when I get to Florida !


Larry said...

Travel safe! Hug and Kisses

Kim said...