Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weeee, windy!

30 Jan 08, 2145 hours

Cape Horn, South America

Hold on to your hat’s my friends! We have 50 knot gales right now! Luckily for us, it is at our back and port sides, so we aren’t going into it. We would have a much worse time of it if that was the case. We are listed about 20 degrees right now because the wind is so strong, so it is kind of funny to walk around; you kind of want to yell ‘everyone on the starboard side, go to the port side – and even us out!’ Ha ha. I would love to see what we look like from another ship’s point of view or something. It is still as light as day out, which still blows my mind. It is like 4pm and it is going on 10pm here. So weird! I am going to take a pic so you can see as well

We will be entering the Beagle Channel around 2300 tonight so it should calm down then. We don’t have the internet right now, so I am writing this offline while I burn copies of the newest mix from DJ Matte (my friend Matt from college who is a DJ in NYC) Its reallly good and since there aren’t any pax in the café, I can give it some volume too :)

Tomorrow we will be in Ushauia, Chile. I can’t wait to get on land (though I will probably walk like I am still on the ship LOL!) I have a few hours to get off the ship to wander around and I was told the town in right at the port – thank goodness! So I will go ashore after my shift ends at 10 and then I have to be back onboard by 12.45 for IPM Duty (In Port Manning) I like using my IPM days for the spa :) No one is up there and we get 40% off on port days

Speaking of the spa, the salon girls are throwing a pajama party in the crew bar. Should be a good time. Haven’t seen Matt much and I am not going out of my way to see him; he knows I like him, so let him come along to me and invite me out (for lunch or drinks) If not, I will find something else to focus on. I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends tonight – if I see him, it’s a bonus. If not, oh well :P

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