Thursday, February 21, 2008

Holy hell

Its a helluva day at sea!

Well the last 24 hrs has been a roller coaster ride .. last night I was dumped! I have no idea what happened to be honest with you; I am still trying to figure it out. There have been rumors, but he swears they aren't true (anything around here causes everyone to gossip on a ship) However I can't get a straight answer out of him. He asked if we can be friends - I said no. I also told him that if he was dumping me to go after someone else, it better not be one of my friends - because my friends wouldn't shag him out of pure respect for me! Of course I was upset, I do like the guy. I know it has only been 3 weeks - but in "sea life time" that is about 3 months!!! But I am over that part now - no guy deserves my tears and I am generally just pissed off now. So as Garth Brooks sings in his song "Two Pina Coladas":

" ... I’m tellin’ you ~ That science has proven ~ That heartaches are healed by the sea"

Amie and I went to the beach today - it was glorious! I have seen Roatan beaches on The Travel Channel and I have said since Day 1 that I wanted to go to the beach when we got here. When we arrived at the beach (about a 10 min cab ride from the ship) I had a headache, was feeling crap and was still upset. I saw Ajay on the gangway and held my head high and looked right through him - didn't give him the time of day - the effer. Anyway, within an hour of laying on the beach .. I was already starting to feel a whole lot better. I do love the islands - no matter what - the caribbean always relaxes me. So after last night (oh did I mention I was off my trolley last night?) and all the drama .. it was the perfect day for me. Thank the gods!

Didn't take many pics - would have if I had the good camera - but wasn't going to bring it to the beach. The sand is so fine I just know it would end up inside it somehow, not matter how careful I was. But I took a few and they are good enough to show you how beautiful it was there. (it reminded me of Magens Bay in St Thomas a little bit)


Kirsten said...

Geez girl I think you need to take a break from the guys. you dont need them. Enjoy your time on and off the ship.

Loving the straight hair.

Miss ya wifey :(

Pip said...

Its a helluva day at sea!

Overboard! LOL

Magen's "this is a shit show" Bay ... good times!!!

Samantha said...

Wow sorry to hear the news, what reason did he give? I agree with Kirsten - just give yourself a break from those silly boys LOL LOL and have Girl Power time :-D

Chrissy said...

ugh sorry to read that stace... what an effen 'DICKASS'!!!!!!! :)

Deena said...

No, he is a FUCKNUT