Friday, February 8, 2008

Its not chilly in this part of Chile!

8 February 2008

Valparaiso, Chile

So not much to report at the moment; and the net was down most of yesterday (for some reason unknown to me – nothing to block it; mountains, ice, etc) so I couldn’t get any of my pictures from Puerto Montt uploaded. I am having lots of fun with my camera, and the girls (Sam and Lauren) in Photography are giving me lessons and pointers. Most times I have it on the Manual settings – which is obviously the hardest to do with taking a good shot. Great thing it is digital so I can take the pic and make a correction immediately since I can see what the result was.

Let’s see .. an update on some random things. For those of you concerned, I did get my nails done and I have been wearing makeup again (though only in the evenings – can’t be arsed in the morning) So I am back to ME again J Ha ha

Last night hung out with the girls and then saw my guy .. did I mention his name yet? If not, it is Ajay. (If I did – oh well for you! LOL) Things are good with him, nothing serious – just like to hang out at the crew bar and then we usually will go (try) to watch a movie .. but we have fallen asleep the last 2 times! Ha ha .. One of these days we will have to try to start it earlier I think! (and skip the crew bar even – shock! Awe!)

Was planning to lay out this morning, but the weather was crap. So after I finished work, I took a nap till about 12.15 then had lunch and Cat, Kylie and I went ashore. Just walked over to the mall which was across the street from the port terminal ( some of these ports are so big they have to shuttle us from the ship to the actual terminal – which is the case in many of the bigger cities, including today ) I am still looking for a bigger lens than what I have – but they didn’t have anything (and the prices didn’t seem all that cheap – my camera was close to $200US more there than in Ushuaia!)

Here are some pics from Puerto Montt (aka a dump – but it is what it is)

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