Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Limon, Costa Rica

Oh how I love the caribbean islands!

As soon as I walked off the pier, you could tell we were in the Caribbean. The shops, the people, the scenery .. heck, even the humidity!

Cat and I went ashore about 1.30 - "town" was right outside the gate and we could walk there (not like some of the bigger cities where the gate was a mile away and town was even further) We walked through the street vendors; selling everything from tee-shirts to jewelry and wooden carvings. Picked up a few bits and pieces - a recycled card made from bananas with a frog on it, a painted feather and some earrings. I think I spent about $15 all together - the stuff is cheap! And guess what else I got!?!? SHOES!!!! I *finally* found ballet flats that had a rubber bottom on them with a bit of cushion .. AND in my size! Yahooooooooooo! They were only $20 US so not a bad deal .. YAY! I was so happy I practically skipped out of the shop. :)

Took a few pics and walked around some more then headed back to the ship - it was so humid out my hair was frizzing. Oh, I had my hair done today - cut mostly, but Reeva (the stylist) wanted to straighten it as well. I think everyone was sying to see what my hair looked like straight. It came out pretty cool and I have gotten lots of compliments on it. I had to use Shanessa's straightener to touch it up when I got back from being ashore because of the humidity. I was able to snap a few self-pics for you guys - since you will ask me for them. :)

Tonight we have another Fashion Show put on by the shoppies. Ajay is in this one, wearing a nice suit from the shop and escourting a pax .. so of course I will be there. (Would have been anyway, but now I have more of an excuse to go LOL) Will take my camera as well.

Tomorrow is a sea day .. then we are in Roatan, Honduras on Thursday, Belize on Friday and Cozumel on Saturday. When we get to Cozumel, I am meeting up with Marshall from MTN. He and I were at training together in Jan before we went to our respective ships. We figured out we will be in Cozumel on the same day so we agreed to meet for lunch. We have an Instant Messenger program on our MTN server that allows us to talk to any of the other MTN ships, so we touch base with each other and see how we are doing. (its the same program I added the Yahoo and AOL plug-ins to so I can talk to some of you also)

Will get the pics of Limon, my hair and the fashion show up tomorrow.

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