Sunday, February 17, 2008

Manta, Equador

16 Feb 08

Manta, Equador

Nothing much going on; was planning to go ashore with the girls – but a few pax and several crew had gone out early and had come right back because there was nothing to do. The “shopping mall” the shuttle was taking us to, was nothing more than a supermarket and a few useless stores. So we skipped going ashore on that today.

We had full crew drills today – we have them about about every 7 to 10 days, but the one today and the last one were long ones (where they are actually evacuating us to the life boats) Today we had Muster Station A, move to Muster Station B and then we took them out to the life boats. I was actually picked as a crocodile leader – GREAT! :P (the crocodile is the way we walk them out – everyone holds onto the strap of the life vest in front of them) And this time we actually were loaded into one of the pontoon boats. It was actually pretty neat to do and I think I did it right (well, the Purser didn’t say anything BAD, so it is a good start) and Cheryl-Ann (the bitch) wasn’t there to comment. The only bad thing was that it was so humid this morning and there wasn’t a breeze – so 145 people in the life boat was stifling! Poor Cat even felt claustrophobic L Luckily, once we were all packed in there, the Sr. 1st Officer (Simon) said a few things and then immediately started getting us back out.

Other than that – went to an early lunch (I only have a cereal bar for breakfast on port days) and then went to see if I could lay down since the sun wasn’t out. Watched the end of The Break Up (Pip – I still hate the end of that film!!) and just then the sun came out around 2, so I went up on Deck 4 Fwd (the bow) and got a deck chair. Shortly after I got there, several more people came up too – including Sam, Clare and Amie. I stayed there till about 3.30 and then left to get dressed for work, which is where I am now.

Net is down at the moment, so I am just playing with my music and putting together a folder on my hard drive for Jonathan – who is the Day Finance Officer aka our Crew Bar DJ :) He needs some of my music that I have … so he can listen to it and use it with his mixes at our next party (I think it’s the 22nd) Ajay just came in here to visit – so funny how the more you ignore them, the more they come to you. I hate playing that game, but sometimes I feel like I chase him and I don’t like that either. So I hadn’t gone looking for him at all yesterday or today – no beeping him, no stopping by his cabin .. and wah-lah .. he comes looking for me (and wonders where I’ve been)! And he asked if I was going out to the crew bar .. I said of course I was and asked if he was and he shrugged and said “let’s see what happens later” I gave right back to him and said “no worries – whatever – if I don’t see you, have a good night” I won’t make any bets, but chances are I will see him :) LOL Dumb boys!

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Pip said...

LOL. I still won't watch that movie again. The only way I will watch it again is if there are two strangers willing to act out an alternate ending for me. Unfortunately, I don't come across that too often...

*aww, good times*