Monday, February 18, 2008


18 Feb 08

Panama Canal

I have to say – this has to be the highlight of the trip thus far; it is just so cool how this all works. We are only going through the first set of locks right now and I have already shot over 75 pics. It is amazing how the gates, the water and even the “mules” work. This was probably one of the top places on my list, so I got to tick it off :)

Course, the wanker Purser “yelled” at the Comms Mgr (my boss) and said I haven’t been in the Cyber all day. So then I got yelled at! (My boss is an idiot – I am sure the purser didn’t YELL at him either) WHAT-EVER! I came in at 8, left around 9 and put up a sign that said I would be back shortly. There isn’t anyone in here.. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL OUTSIDE. Stupid shithead. I can’t wait till 10 March when Zac gets back!!! (the previous purser) I seriously think this new guy gets his jollies off of being a prick. Whew .. ok, I need to shake it off. I will be fine in a min :P

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Ok, so I had lunch and a bitch-session with Cat and felt better about it; then after lunch I went up to the Wardie (Deck 7 Wardroom – Officers Bar) for some air. The Purser was holding a party on one half for Suite Pax, so I left. I didn’t want to look at his ugly face. So I went down to the Promenade (Deck 4) and just walked around and around. Saw some neat cargo ships pass us.. They are so close as the channel is pretty narrow. We even saw a submarine! All the guys were on top and waving.. Poor things haven’t had real air or seen women for a long while :) Got some more great pics; god I love my camera. Had some nice chats with some of my pax. Most of them are so nice; always asking about me, my job, where I live – etc.

Went back to work at 2 and just was in here and watching the scenery from the window. We lost the connection to the net at about 4.30 ( ha ha – when we pulled up anchor ) so I waited a few mins, and when it didn’t come back up, I closed up shop and put up my signs out that the net was down. That way if Mr Big Wanker came by, I covered my ass.

Anyway – I am still going through my pics, deleting dupes and not-so-good ones, so it is going to take some time to get these posted. Right now I still have 158 pics! I am going to start uploading the first bunch that I already went through; hopefully will get them all done by tomorrow night. Be on the lookout for the post with the link! (they got out of order some how when I started to upload – sorry! You will figure it out!)

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