Saturday, February 23, 2008

Passing By Cozumel

23 Feb 08

Cozumel, Mexico

It was fun while it lasted .. which was about an hour. We pulled in and tried to drop anchor but where they wanted us was too busy to “park” and where we tried to go was too deep. We tried to just sit and use our engines to keep us in place, but since we don’t have the thrusters the newer ships have, it was very hard and caused a lot of waves. The port tenders tried to come and moor along side us anyway, but after trying to get them along side us for about 30 mins, the port authority said they were not allowing us to use them. We asked to try to use our own tenders, but they refused time and time again. We begged to let us have the open berth on the dock, but were told no. Captain kept coming on making announcements – poor guy was furious with the port! I was supposed to have lunch with some MTN managers; Marshall (who I was at training with) as well as the girl from Carnival Holiday and also Penney (my Pres of onboard products) and Livio (VP of IT) So I had to email them and say I couldn't make it :(

So here we are, drifting towards Key West at about 5 knots. They also tried to get us into Key West early as well as see if we could have 2 days there. Supposedly the Americans said no, but I doubt it – I think P & O wouldn’t front the money to pay for the ship to be in port for 2 days! (I have found that this company can be very cheap sometimes!!) I think Key West would have been more than happy to have a ship in for 2 days – that means more money spent due to the overnight; people going to dinner, bars, etc. Who knows what the truth is – they only tell the pax what will keep them calm. So if they can blame the Americans, they will :P

Anyway, so nothing else doing. I had my hours in the paper and then since we then became a “sea day” I still took a few hours off – its not like anyone was going to look for me. Besides, I told the Muppet (Comms Mgr) that it was what I was doing. He really is a pain in the ass – micro manages everyone. He was supposed to get off today in Cozumel b/c he doesn’t have a C1D visa for the USA. Obviously he didn’t sign off – I was hoping for a few days of peace and quiet from him. (He was getting back on in Nassau) Oh well, at least he gets off for good on the 10 March.

Nothing more to report on this end .. for now :) No crew bar tonight - its bedtime!

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Pip said...

Wow - seems like chaos!

Have you ever been to Cozumel?