Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day

15 February 2008

At Sea
En Route to Manta, Equador

Last night’s party was FUN!!! The music was awesome – unfortunately it got started late because we were going to a code RED first thing this morning (I will explain it in a minute) so all the bar/wait staff had a lot of things to do before being dismissed from work for the night. But we were able to have the party extended due to that – so the bar didn’t close till half 1 and then the disco didn’t end till 2.

Code RED is for health and safety – we are currently at a level RED because we have had many cases of Acute GastroEnteritis (AGE) and when more than 2% of the pax have it, it is considered an “outbreak” and we go to red. They think it is salmonella picked up from those pax on the Macchu Picchu overnight tour. Only about 3 crew members have it at the moment, which is GOOD! The Dr thought Amie had it, but since she was only sick once this morning – they now think it was just a hangover LOL.

When we go to a Level RED – basically anything that is “mass handled” is either taken away or done for you. IE: you can’t serve yourself at the buffet lines (someone from the wait staff will serve you), there won’t be salt and pepper shakers on the table (they will give you the individual packets) nor will they have a water pitcher out (they will get you whatever you want to drink) Its quite the pain-in-the-ass, but it is for the health of the whole ship, so you want to make sure it is clean. Speaking of clean – I have to wipe down my café several times a day then log the info onto a master Sanitization Log. My hands are so dry from using the wipes and stuff – ick!

I was at the party till 2, then since Ajay didn’t come (he was sleeping, the bum! He said he was too tired from being out the night before in Lima till 7am!) I decided to ring him up and go over to his cabin ~ I wanted at least a Valentine’s Day kiss :) He answered the door all smiles (amazing what 6 hrs of sleep can do for you!) and I got lots of XOXOXO’s. YAY! B) After that we just talked for a bit and then fell asleep (as usual ha ha – you will find out that crew members will sleep anytime, anywhere – if you aren’t working or partying, you are probably asleep!)

Here are a few pics from the party:

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