Friday, March 14, 2008

Checking in ..

My blog has been kind of boring lately huh? Well all the sea days crossing over to England .. and now crossing back .. not much to see. Lots of friggin water!

Last night was the Joiners Disco. It was fun - had a little too much to drink .. and then went to bed late. :-) Missed Ash something crazy though. Even before we got together, we always hung out - so it is just so strange to be there without him. We have talked everyday - either on the phone or on Yahoo IM (or both if we are lucky)

Here are a few pics from last night - usual good laughs with my pals

We have several more days at sea - 5 to be exact! We will get to Antigua on the 20th .. we are missing St Kitts. I think I mentioned that already. Won't be missing Barbados - which is great and the best part is, we will be there till midnight that night .. woo hoo .. so everyone is going out that night. I am begging Cory (the new Comms manger, who is so cool - not even in the same category as The Muppet!) to let me work my hours in the morning and make up any other hours the day before (or 2 days after LOL) There is an awesome bar there called the Boatyard. Everyone is already psyched to go :) Anyway - we still have 7 days before we get there.

If you are curious to see where we are in the crossing:

That's all for now .. will try to keep the blog interesting for the next few days ... then Caribbean Islands .. here we come!! YAY :-)

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Kelly said...

How cool to be able to see a little Artemis dot on that map! :)