Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is that actually land????

20 March 08

St John's, Antigua

Holy hell - we are finally on land! Jeezus, that was a long haul this time - 9 freaking days at sea .. and I was not able to get off in Southampton, so I have been on board since 6 March in Madeira! (Speaking of Madeira - forgot to post those pics - will do that on my next post)

Anyway .. had to work till 11am and had found out last night that the Explorer of the Seas (the ship Marcus is on) was going to be in port with us. I had emailed him in hopes he would check his email and maybe we could meet up. If not, we still had plans for Sat in Barbados. I was dying to go ashore .. just to get on land and off this tin can (sorry there 'ol lady) So I ran out of work with a min to go before 11 and went to my cabin to get changed .. already had my rucksack packed :) Walked off the ship and Marcus was waiting for me at the end of the pier (he wasn't allowed down the pier - only if you had a cruise card or a crew ID) Was soooo happy to see him - was like getting a hug from back home. So we chatted for a few about what to do and what time we had to be back to our respective ships .. then walked around a bit; met up with Amie and Clare and window shopped with them .. then they were heading to the beach and we went to go get lunch. Had a nice leisurely lunch just catching up .. he wanted to hear all about my ship life :)

After lunch, we wandered around some more and ran back into Amie and Clare, who were at an outdoor patio bar (they didnt make it to the beach LOL) So we went to sit with them, ordered some fun drinks - yummy pina coladas - and just sat and people watched while listening to caribbean music and watching some lady dance with a pineapple on her head (see the pics)

Jill, Martin and Cat (not my Cat, another Cat) had also joined us by then. Marcus left about 2ish as he had to get back and get ready for work - we said we would see each other in 2 days .. that was cool! Anyways after we finished our round of drinks, we went for some pizza - they say it was one of the best pizza places in the caribbean so I was sying to try it. It was DAMN good .. not thick dough like NY .. it was a thin crust .. but it was scrummy!!

When we were done stuffing our faces full of food that we DON'T get on the ship ... Clare wanted to go shopping and I wanted to head back and lay down (I need my naps - even if they are short!) before I went to work. Plus I wanted to take some more pics of the town and the ships before they left.

Here are my pics from today:

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whh1223 said...

I love the Picture of you and Marcus!!

Kelly said...

YAY for land! :-)

Looks like a fun day, warm and relaxing, ahh...

Can't wait to see tons of port pictures now :)