Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Perfect Storm

Ahoy, me mateys! Batten down yer hatches ... and tie everything down nice and low ... cause the weather that's a comin', well she's about to blow!

This is the email we got this morning:

From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 5:04 AM

> > Dear All
> > Please be advised that the weather forecast for our voyage from Madeira to> Southampton is for strong winds and a very heavy swell. Please ensure that your work places and living spaces are properly and> effectively secured for sea. Please ensure also that the M1 working alleyway is kept as clear of stores> as possible and anything left in this area is also properly secured for sea.
> > Best Regards
> > Staff Captain
>> Artemis

Well yikes! Supposedly it is going to be worse than yesterday and last night ... poor old lady is going to really take a beating. Sometimes when we are down on Deck 1 Fwd, she sounds like she is going to break apart. It is wild! I didnt have any motion sickness yesterday so hopefully I am ok for this one too. Should be interesting!

BTW, I am now on England time - so 5 hrs ahead of the East Coast. Just an FYI if you are looking for me online on IM or anything

Today we were in Madeira, Portugal ~ very cute town! Has a very European flair to it - reminded me of some towns in the Alps in Austria. Just walked around with Sam and had some lunch (you will always find crew eating out in ports!! Our food is just rubbish!) and wandered through town and in and out of some of the shops.

We are out to sea for the next 3 days - then we arrive in Southampton, England on Monday morning for turnaround ("turnaround" means just that - go in, drop off pax, pick up supplies, load new pax and get out) I can't wait till all these sea days are over and we are back in the Caribbean and hitting ports daily or at least every other day!

Will work on getting some of my Madeira shots uploaded tomorrow.

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Melissa said...

Stay safe and dry!cwaggju