Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Sorry to confuse everyone on my last entry - no I am not moving ships mid-contract (that I know of) I know it was considered by MTN, but they didn't realize the Miami office of the USCG was going to be so behind in issuing the MMD cards. So by the time I get it, this contract will be over anyway (unless by some miracle, it is faster than they say)

My next choice of cruise lines is Norwegian. I wanted them from the start; I don't have the option of picking ships/cruise lines on my first contract and I was "assigned" to P&O. Norwegian has a more laid back approach to cruising (no meal times - do everything, do nothing - they don't care!) called Freestyle Cruising. So it seems it would be a better fit for me. I also know some people here who are going back to Norwegian (mostly galley guys .. Ash in particular) and it would be good to see some familiar faces.

Now I have told MTN I need to be home in November for Mark's wedding - NO MATTER WHAT. So I have told them that they can do what they want with me until then to make that happen. So I don't know if I will come home in June on vacation and then go back out, or if I will finish my contract here and go right to my next ship. (Once I get my Captain pic from the Award .. I will send it to MTN and then ask LOL)

Did I clear that all up for everyone?? :-)

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Chrissy said...

i got it now... thanks!!!! :)