Sunday, March 23, 2008


Since a few of you have been asking ....

1) Feet ~ are sore .. but I am on them A LOT this week .. several ports in a row, so I am on the go. However, I have been sneaking around in my Crocs - ahhh, those people are geniuses. I need to get another pair in black, since I technically need to be in black shoes (or Navy ) for during the day. Anyone know if I can order them online to be shipped to the UK?

2) BP ~ VERY GOOD!!! I am off the pills for about 2 weeks now, have had to go in daily for checks .. and it has been coming down .. it was about 145 a few days after I came off them .. then down into the 130's .. today (well this evening) it was 120/80!!! I told everyone that Dr in FL was a quack. I knew it was stress. Here I am now, a few pounds lighter, not stressed and waa-laa .. all is good. After today - I need to do a few more days of daily checks, then they will go to every few days, and then once a week, etc

I think that was it - anything else you need to know? Email me or post a comment :)

And P.S. - I know the difference between Shep's Pie and Cottage Pie .. I just cant tell which one is which by tasting them - needed to clarify that LOL. Sam, I got the same Shepherd=Lamb example on the ship :) Good job!

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Melissa said...

So if Lamb is in the Shepard's Pie, what's in the Cottage Pie? Hopefully now that your back in my time zone I'll get a chance to chat with you some more. Got some craziness to fill you in on. :)