Thursday, April 24, 2008

24 Apr 08
departing Thessaloniki, Greece

(pronounced Thess - salon - a - key)

Another beautiful day .. Thessaloniki is the 2nd largest city in Greece. Though not as urban as Athens was in my opinion. Had a more small city feel to it. Still lots of outdoor cafes, shops and beautiful architechture. My mission today was to find a church - since they celebrate Easter when I do, I thought it would be nice since I won't be able to go to any services this weekend. I might luck out on Saturday in Istanbul - but that would be "luck" and I knew I would have a better chance in Greece.

Went out with Cat and her mom .. just for a wander really. But they knew I wanted to find a chuch and we literally stumbled over the one we went into. (and I am sooo glad - wait till you see the pics - and it was right out on the street in the middle of the city!) Obviously, I can't read Greek so we didn't know what the name of it was .. I sort of was able to talk to one of the guys who was walking around (he even went inside, then came back and put the sign of the cross in oil on my forehead - when I told him my name was Anastasia) Anyway, so the monastery is called Kapnikarea .. here is what I found online about it: ( )

Monastiraki, actually means "small monastery" and quietly houses a tiny Byzantine chapel (Kapnikarea) right in the middle of Ermou St, which provides a welcome respite from the haggling and crowds.

There was actually a bazaar on the other side of the street - in the back of the Monastery .. but we never made it to that street (we didn't know till I went online tonight) Anyway, it was still the highlight of my day!!

We also went over to Agui Sophia - but it wasn't open. The chuch is now catholic and replicates the original church in Istanbul, Turkey (and I hope to get to it on Sat when we are there)

Here are the pics from today:

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