Friday, April 18, 2008

Great job .. el Capitan!

So last night Captain had his Welcome Aboard Gala .. and we all go for drinks with the pax. While introducing his Sr Officers, he talked about how we were going to be passing Gibraltar. Dad has been asking me when we were going through the straights and I finally got him the answer. It was going to be 6.45am this morning .. groan

Dad wanted me to get up - I said it wasn't likely since we had a disco last night (details and pics later) .... however, I happened to wake up at that time (funny how the body clock works) and so I called Amie (who wanted to get up if I did) and the 2 of us grabbed our cameras and went top-side in our jammies.

To our disappointment - it was pouring rain, foggy, dark and you couldn't see anything 10 ft off the deck .. we said "ummm, the weather forecast would have been helpful to know!"

This morning I told Captain (at breakfast) that I was up bright and early to take pics .. so he said he was sorry he didn't phone to let me know not to get out of bed .. LOL and he will be more than happy to call me at 2am when we pass it on the way back .. hahahaha

Port tomorrow - thank goodness .. Palma, Mallorca .. but then 2 sea days after that! Ugh!!! However, once we get past those sea days .. we have 5 port days in a row (and Athens is one of them - YAY)

P.S. - Oh and guess who's back on board?? (If you didn't already recognize him from some of my pics) And who is VERY single?!?! Mr. Night Finance Officer :) Hmmmmmmm ......

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