Monday, April 28, 2008

Istanbul .. not Constantinople

We were in Istanbul on the 26th of April .. crappy weather though. Rainy, windy, cold .. and damp. I tried to layer as much as I could as we were going to be outside a lot. I was able to get on a full day tour, which was great .. since doing it myself would have been costly as well as a lot harder to do.

The Blue Mosque was probably the best place .. other than the Grand Bazaar - but that was just shopping. The city was packed! There were sooo many people in town .. our tour guide kept apologizing saying it was a culmination of the Greek Holiday weekend, a holiday for the Austrailians (Adzac Day I think they said) as well as it being a Saturday.

Anyway - here are the pics .. sorry they are out of order again, but when I upload to Kodak Gallery, they don't all load the first time .. and then I have to re-do the ones that didn't upload .. then they get out of order. Most of the time I wouldn't mind putting them in the correct arrangement .. but on ports like this where I have 180 pics .. I can't be assed!


Kelly said...

WOW - that mosque is gorgeous! Buy anything fun at the bazaar?

And I think it was a good thing that it was rainy that day. If not you wouldn't have gotten those AMAZING flower pictures with the water droplets on them. They were gorgeous!

Samantha said...

It's ANZAC Day and it's a very poignant holiday, I know more about it because I have a lot of friends from Australia and NZ that live and work in London. A lot who are on their "year" travelling to Europe will make sure that they are in Turkey for ANZAC day, here's the link - it's pretty interesting:

The Blue Mosque looked amazing!

Kippy said...

Finally got caught up from being away. You are really getting to see some wonderful places with great sights and such history. You are a lucky girl. It is all so amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

While on my cruise, the MTN guy and I were going to IM you but you weren't online and he wasn't there when I stopped down again.

And all the girls will be proud, I bought some bling in St. Thomas!!! Yes - me!!

Keep sharing - we love going on this journey with you.