Friday, April 25, 2008

Party Pics

25 Apr 008
Arriving in Istanbul, Turkey

Have some party pics that I hadn't had a chance to put up ..

First one was a Karaoke night in the crew bar:

Second was a "Chav Party" - kind of like the UK version of "gangsta" dress-code, but from what I was told, it is very specific to brand names - like Burberry and Dior. However, all the clothes and jewlery are knock-offs. Supposedly there are actually people who really dress like this! LOL :)

Finally this one is from the Black & White Disco we had last night in the crew bar:

As we are entering Istanbul, we are supposed to lose satellite - and as it is an overnight port, we won't have it back till tomorrow night. I am still currently 7 hrs ahead of the East Coast. I am on IPM tonight, so I am throwing an "IPM Party" in the Horizons bar upstairs for the rest of us who are on it. Tomorrow I am on an all day tour - I was originally told I couldn't go, but since we will be without satellite coverage, there is no need for me to be in the cyber! :) YAY! So stay tuned for lots of pics - we hit all the major highlights .. the Blue Mosque, Hague Sophia and the Grand Bazaar!

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Samantha said...

Yup absolutely spot on with regards the "Chavs" not sure I'd compare it with American Gangster LOL but deffo "brand specific.... knock offs"

LOL this is how I usually tell the Brits apart in WDW , Stacy, now you know my secret ;) LOL LOL