Friday, April 11, 2008

Three Months

Sometimes it feels longer, sometimes it doesn't seem like it has been that long ..

11 April 08
Almost to Madeira, Portugal

I have officially been on board for 3 months today .. WOW

Still not too much going on .. still at sea .. we were supposed to get into Madeira at 2pm today, but we had a heavy swell and some rough seas, so we had to slow down and therefore won't get in till at least 6. The seas have finally calmed down enough to allow for sleeping .. I got about 5 1/2 solid hours last night. I woke up a few times between 12 and 2 .. but then after that I didn't wake till my alarm went off. Still a bit tired, but I guess losing those hours will do that to you.

Currently I am 5 hrs ahead of the East Coast .. which makes for a VERY boring morning at work .. can't anyone be awake at this hour?!?! I mean.. Kellu, don't you have babies to feed?!? I mean its 4am, aren't they hungry?!? LOL Luckily, the evenings go by faster now since more people are online when I am at work.

I won't be able to go ashore today; I took IPM to cover for Brooke so she could go out at night - thinking I would be able to go ashore this afternoon for a few hours. Was actually supposed to meet up with a cyber friend from my Work On Cruise Ships group .. but .. yeah, not going to happen.

As of now, my sign off dates are either June 20th (from England) or June 28th (from Russia) Wont hear for sure until about a month or so before that. Keep your fingers crossed that it is the 28th, so 1) I can get to see St Petersburg, 2) I will be able to stay home into the end of July and see Kenny Chesney in Philly and 3) wont have so many days till my Mom comes home from her vacation on the 2nd!!

Here are some pics from Acoustic Night at the crew bar the other night .. it was actually pretty darn good!!! (we thought it would be worse than karaoke!!)

The pics of me licking the bar .. Nash spilled my Bacardi .. so I was pretending not to waste it (but that bar is gross .. I was more than happy to get another one - on Nash of course!!)

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Chrissy said...

Congrats again on 3 months!!!

Fingers crossed for June 28th - a summer without Mr. Hot Ass - well that just cannot happen!

So after your contract is up when will you find out where you go next and all that stuff, not until after you are off, or before you get off...??