Monday, May 26, 2008

Get A Piece Of The Rock

26 May 08

Rock of Gilbraltar, Gibraltar Straits

I never thought going past a "rock" would be such a big deal; but then I didn't realize how big said rock was going to be. We were more than 5 miles from it at first and then as close as 3 miles from it before we turned into the straits. (Capt said he made sure it was on the starboard side just for me .. ha ha .. funny guy!) It is huge! People actually live on it!

Anyway, so Amie and I went up to the Prom Deck to take some pictures. She used to actually live there a long time ago, so she was very excited to see it again. I put on the tele-foto lense since I knew we were still going to be far away.

Some of the pics are "over-exposed" as I was messing around with exposure, since it was a bright day and even a little hazy .. so don't mind. Also, the splashing pics of the water next to the ship were from dolphins!!! Not the normal bottlenose, Flipper type .. these are little; more about half the size of Flipper. They were playing in the surf the ship was making, but they were really jumping out, so it was tough to get them. It was really cool to see.

Other than that; nothing going on here today. Its a sea day .. booooring!

Tonight is the Leavers Disco .. I am sad because it is Amie and Cat's disco .. they leave on Friday :( Boooooooo!!! Though tonight should be good fun .. tomorrow is a port day so everyone can sleep in. That means everyone can party hard tonight :)

(Oh and Cat passed her CPSC course .. not sure if I mentioned it before; if not, basically it allows her to drive a life boat or tender in the event of an emergency as well as be an IC (person "in charge" of a Muster Station on her next ship; which she will be 2nd IC on Oceana) It is supposed to be a very good course to have; I will look into something like that once I get back to the states (would rather take one from the USCG than from the UK; not sure if the UK one would hold the same merit on a US ship; but what do I know!? LOL)

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