Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bits and Bobs

29 May 08

Ok, where did I leave off .. oh yes the Rock of Gibraltar. So that night was the Leavers Disco .. so sad in a way .. it was Amie and Cat's last one :( We had a great time though and Cat and I had to play Mission Impossible to get back home. Turns out one of the Accom guys had too much to drink and kicked off at some of the security guys outside the crew bar. So as I was going back to my cabin with Cat, Claire warned us and we had to go here, there and everywhere to avoid the area; when a fight breaks out, if SECO is called - he can breathalize anyone he wants, right on the spot. Now I am sure Matthew wouldn't have any reason to do it to me and Cat, but avoiding it altogether was a better plan. So we got home and had no issues. Though we laughed ourselves silly about it afterwards.

Then I sat in the door way of my cabin cause Wilson, one of the Philipinos, likes Alex the nurse and he kept walking by her cabin and had his door open (waiting for her to come back home) So I was like the Neighborhood Watch. He had been drunk at the disco and had been pushy; so I wanted to make sure she was ok. I was just sitting there, reading in the door. Anyone else who came by asked me what I was doing and I said I was the Neighborhood Watch. :)

Leavers Disco:

Yesterday, we were in Vigo, Spain. Nothing to get excited over really ~ it was the first port that actually reminded us of other ports. It sort of looked like Sorrento, Nauplia, Cadiz and Marmaris. So we weren't really impressed (am I spoiled or what?!?). Wandered the mall and town looking for food. Settled on Burger King LOL!

On the way back - there was this sign on the quay outside the terminal pointing to the 2 ships. It wasn't like they were far away and both of them had the aft ends closest to the terminal. So the sign was just completely unnecessary! I couldn't stop laughing about it .. so Amie and Gemma let me take their pic! I also was drooling over the NCL Jade .. I want to be on a big ship like that!!! Who knows, maybe .. I am still waiting for my ship list.

Vigo, Spain:

Came back and went to my cabin - whenever I have my door open, people always pop their head in and many people say how cool our cabin is b/c of all my "stuff" hanging around it. So I thought I would take a few pics. Also, I had a lovely new sign outside my cabin door, so I had to get a pic of that as well.

Random Cabin Pics:

Soooooo .........

I have good news and bad news .. BUT, it is the same news. My contract was extended until July 4th. I wasn't sure how I felt about it when I was told last night, but I think it will be good. I know I have to change my plans with Dad, Liz and Darin for those first few days I was going to be home. However, I think staying on till July 4th will help me get a better ship in early Aug. And I will be home for Mom's birthday too (or at least close to it) I will also be signing off in So'ton and flying home from London; so that will be easier than Russia and a 13 hr + flight!

I will make it up to Dad, Liz and Dar .. we will just have to do it on another few days. But it will work out now because I won't go back till at least Aug 1 and now I can go with Mom to take my (great) Aunt up to Maine to see some family. (she has been begging us to take her for a few summers now) Its not what I would call an exciting trip, but I will be able to spend time with Mom and my Aunt .. as well as get to be on a road trip :) Lots of driving will be done when I am home! Philly, Jersey, Chicago, Philly, Maine .. YAY

5 weeks from tomorrow .. I will be on my way home!! :)

BTW, is anyone even reading this thing anymore??? My comment log went from huge when I started to nill now .. am I that boring?!? :(


Beethoven said...


I just want to assure you that I'm still reading your blog. It's really interesting to know what's your new life is right now. It really prepare me for my new life at sea.
By the way, my name is Beethoven. You answer my email several months before. I'm the person who got the Online Technician position at Celebrity Cruises. It's been 3 months now. Yes I'm still waiting for that call. I already send all my papers.
Thank you again for your blog. I'm better prepare, mentaly, than before.


Anonymous said...

Be sure that your blog's still being read even though comments may not be left!

Thanks for keeping "us" up to date; you commented on some info that I sent to Neil's website. Seems like you are having loads of fun; keep up the good work.

Kirsten said...

I read your blogs but I talk to you on IM so I don't post on your blog.

Can't wait until you come home.

See ya soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Stac - I read your blog everyday. I just enver posted a comment because I didn't know how. Love, Peaches

Dana said...


I always read your blogs! They are very interesting and many times are entertaining!! By the way, today I was behind a car with the license plate Muggsy... it totally made me think of you!!