Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Day Of Rest

11 May 08
en route to So'ton

Today we were in Zeebrugee, Belgium .. but I just couldn't be assed to go ashore. All of my friends that I normally go with either had other plans (Cat) or were sleeping in (shoppies who worked till 1am last night) So without anyone to convince me .. I decided I was going to have a "veg out day" I miss those!! I used to have them once a weekend .. especially during football season!

So after an early lunch with Cat, I went back to my cabin and there were some decent movies on the crew channels .. (Jerry Maguire, Fools Rush In) So I decided I was having a movie day. Yeah .. it was nice. I of course fell asleep about a half hour into the movie LOL. Apparently I need more sleep than ever .. my poor cabinmate thinks I am a bat or something .. as I am always sleeping on my breaks.

However, in chatting with some seasoned crew members, they say this happens about half way through the contract if you are burning the candle at both ends, which I am. Working all day on sea days .. then sightseeing during the day on port days and then partying at night no matter what. Even if its just a few drinks in the crew bar .. it still ends up being a late night. I try to make an effort to go to bed semi-early lately .. but its hard when everyone else is still up and out. But I guess that's why I need all this sleep!

Anyway .. so we are heading back to Southampton for turnaround again tomorrow. Drop off these crazies from the party cruise and bring on new pax for 18 days in the Med. (Rome is on this itinerary)

Only 7 weeks to go .. and I will be home .. 7 weeks today! (If I am still signing off on the 28th of June - which is what I am using for now, unless MTN tells me otherwise)


Kelly said...

I get tired just imagining all your sightseeing and late night discos, so it's no wonder you need extra naps!

Kippy said...

I agree with Kelly. I am exhausted after reading about all that you are doing. I would be napping every free moment.

Kirsten said...

Yeah 7 more weeks. Woo Hoo!