Friday, May 2, 2008

I *heart* Greece

2 May 08
Leaving our last Greek port :(

Yesterday we were in Heraklion, on the island of Crete .. which is still part of Greece. It was a cool little town, but nearly everything was closed for May Day. Amie and I went out in search of Pizza Hut .. as we heard it was basically the only place open other than McDonalds. As good as McD's sounds .. McD's and Burger King kill my tummy anymore .. so none of that for me!

So we took a cab to the Main Square .. and then the driver told us it was only a block or two behind there. It was a real shame everything was closed; it was a cute city and would probably be bustling at lunch time!

So here are the pics:

Today we were in Zakynthos, Greece. Another Greek island .. but our last port in Greece .. so we went in search for a beach as soon as we heard the weather would be good. The beaches there are much different .. the "sand" is not soft and powdery .. its more like hard and clay like .. almost mud-like when its wet. But hey, we still went to a beach! We were starved when we got there, so we went to a nice outdoor cafe first .. which was right on the beach anyway. Had a lovely lunch (more Greek salad for me!) then walked out to the beach and got sun loungers .. it was a nice day .. a few good laughs with the girls (and Jonathan - Claire's BF of the month) He is such a silly and kept causing trouble .. he is a cool guy though.

I met my future husband today .. LOL .. he was our driver .. "Nick" but his full name is Nikolas. Wow, he was a cutie! Mom, I think you would have liked him :) Anyway, so there are pics at the end of the day of Nick with the girls and Nick and me. Man, I would have liked to take that boy back on board the ship with me!



Kelly said...

HEY missy, weren't you supposed to have some spanikopita for me??? You'll just have to keep cruising till you can get back there again, lol.

Glad you finally got to go to the beach - awesome pictures like always!

Jules said...

Stacy - glad to hear you are starting to feel better! Looks like Greece is a GRAND place to visit ;) thank you for sharing the photos.