Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Been Awhile

15 May 08
Straits of Gibraltar

I feel like I haven't written in forever! But looking back, I really didn't have much going on nor did I have too much to "report", but still it seems like it has been weeks. (only 4 days really)

We got back to So'ton on time - I was on IPM that day so I had to stay aboard .. which was fine because I needed to really get the cyber going on this cruise. So I spent most of the morning printing out some new raffle tixx, getting my plasma screens ready and the slides shows changed for the new cruise. I have been working my tail off since!

The first full sea day I was going non-stop. I was on my feet helping and assisting for my whole shift; I didn't even leave at 12 .. I had pax in here that still were unsure, so I didn't want to leave until they were done (or at least knew what they had to do) I worked hard - but it paid off in the end .. I had a great revenue day. I had been shooting for 1000 pounds, but I fell short. However, 1000 might have been out of reach. I did however, do just over 800. Not too shabby :) I worked about 11 1/2 hrs that day .. and I needed to chill out and relax .. so the shoppies and I went to the crew bar for a drink. I wasn't going to be out late .. I was knackered, but I needed to unwind first. I left by 12.30 and was in bed shortly after. (got to love the fact that you don't have to "commute" anywhere LMAO!)

The second day was quieter as far as revenue - but I still hit my daily goal .. so that was a success! I still had to help a lot of people log in; some of these pax are really dense LOL But I don't mind as long as they are appreciative. Last night we had planned to do a "pub crawl" on the ship .. the shoppies wanted to get dressed up for formal night. (They wear slacks and jackets all day no matter what the rig of the day is) So we all finished work at 10pm and met in Tiffany's Lounge for our first drink. Turns out a few of them got held up for one reason or another .. so we didn't get everyone together till almost 10.45pm. We had a drink, a chat .. it was fun. Then we moved on to Horizons (top deck - deck 9 Aft) and had a drink up there as well. The shoppies have to be off decks by 12 midnight .. so at about 10 after 12, we headed out and down to the ... CREW BAR!! They were having the Joiners Disco! :-) And since most of the time, the party really doesn't get going until midnight.. we were right on time! (Though some people couldn't believe we showed up so late .. we are usually the first ones there!) Had a GREAT time .. as I usually do .. but really had a BLAST! Lots of danicing with the silly indians .. but its always so much fun as well.

Here are the pics:

So I "met" a cool guy last night .. Jack .. he is one of the Engineers. I have known him for a while, but we really never chat (I see him at the mess, we say hi's and that's pretty much it) but last night I was hanging out with a lot of the Engineering guys and we got to talking and kind of hung around each other the rest of the night .. which turned into very early this morning! Eeek! Anyway, after the disco ended, we all hung around for a bit talking, etc and then Nicholas (one of the deckies from the bridge) said he was going to have us back to his cabin .. so a few left first .. and then we left a few minutes later. I went up with Vasil and when we got to the lift, we opened the door and there was about 10 people shoved in there - it was hilarious!! There is a pic .. its the first one (and the album cover) .. the lift is TINY. Look really hard and you can see some of the girls' heads in tiny spaces! Its probably only about 4 or so feet deep and about the same across. Anyway, a few stumbled out since they then realized it was going to go anywhere with all of them in it .. so Charlie, Vasil and I went up to Charlie's cabin for them to have a smoke and by then the lift would be free for us to go up. Charlie is from Croatia, so I got a little history lesson on Dubrovnik too. I remember most of it :-) But I surely remember the pics he showed me and it looks really nice, so I am excited to get there now. (we get there on the 21st)

Anyway, so we all hung out in Nicholas's cabin for a while .. chatting, laughing and of course having a few (more) drinks. I know I asked Jack where he was from originally, but for the life of me, I can't remember today now. :sigh: Not sure what will happen, but it is what it is. Either it was just a cool night to hang out together, or maybe we will see each other again. Who knows. I'm not sweating it. There is a pic of him as well - the last photo. Tanya .. if you are reading this, you would be proud - he is a THREE stripe'er :-) Woo, woo .. go me! Ha ha ha

Today we were in Cadiz, Spain .. since most of us were up till god awful hours last night, no one could be bothered to go ashore today. Especially since it was gloomy out and we had drills and rounds from 10-12 today; so no sleeping! But after lunch .. you can bet your bum all of us were back in bed. Also, since the last time we were here - we all had such a great day, we didn't want to ruin it with crappy weather and things we just saw a week and a half ago.

We are in the Gibraltar straits right now - it mostly dark out, but you can see land on both sides pretty clearly. Its odd to think that on the starboard side is Morocco and on the port side is Spain. Doesn't seem right! Tomorrow is a sea day and the day after we will be in Ajaccio (Corsica) Then Rome is on the 18th!! YAY

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