Sunday, June 1, 2008

Amie's Last Hoorah

1 June 08

Whooops, somehow I forgot to post the pics from Amie's last night on the ship .. what good fun we had! Since no one had to be up too early, we had a rockin' night .. we ended up getting Amie a cake 1) because she was leaving and 2) because the day after was her birthday.

The IPM card; its what we have to carry when we are on In Port Manning. (or as we call it, In Port Tanning LOL) Amie hates IPM and is always trying to figure out 3 cruises from now who is on what day. Its hilarious.

We ended up with my new best boys .. Charlie and Vasil .. and Pav came along for the fun too. What a hoot we had .. it was like our own private party! What a laugh!!! :) Good times!!

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