Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bridge Tour and Sail Away

1 June 08
Bergen, Norway

Why don't I get lucky enough to get In Port Tanning on nice days anymore?? Or why does the sun come out and its gets nice at the END of the day?? Oy!

I didn't go ashore today b/c I only had a few hours between IPM and going back to work .. so I decided since it was yucky and chilly out, and we were coming back here in less than 2 weeks, I would just relax today. Had a great day of just that.

Went back to work at 4 and then at 5.45 went to meet Zak, the Exec Purser, who was going to take me up to the bridge for the sailaway, as well as give me a tour!

It was really cool .. got to see all the neat stuff (in its older days since the ship is 26 yrs old!) and though I have been up to a bridge before (first Carnival ship I was on - they still allowed Bridge tours) I had never been up there while we were MOVING! It was awesome .. got to watch the officers pull her out of her berth, back her up, turn her 'bow to starboard' and get on our way. All along watching the controls; the engines firing up, the thrusters turning us, our direction changing and the speed moving up .. then sailing along the channel alone was amazing!!

The weather had cleared up about an hour before I went up to the bridge; it got all sunny out and actually really warm! It was lovely really. So anyway, I got to stand on the Port Bridge Wing while we sailed out. I took a ton of pics, as it was so beautiful. Zak had to go about 45 mins later, but Captain invited me to stay on without him. The first officer, Richard, said it was a really neat sail along the channel and to keep my camera close. I got to see some Navigation charts - both the electronic as well as the hand written one (they still map it out in pencil - ALWAYS) Sooo cool! (I know - I sound like a guy .. but I like this stuff!)

So I didn't take any pics inside - I felt it disrespectful because they were actually working. I took a few from inside looking out (you can tell by where the mast on the bow is in the pic) But the rest were from the bridge wing.

Bergen Sail Away:

Tomorrow we are in Eidfjord, Norway. Supposed to be a beautiful sail in - but its early :( However, the sail out will be just as good - so for now, I am keeping my camera locked in the cyber so it is always on hand! No one is on IPM tomorrow - so off we go into port. (Though we wont be eating out much - it is expensive as HELL .. about 70 Krone for a beer! Which is about 7 pounds .. holy crap!) So mostly, wandering around it will be! (Heck, I heard McDonalds even is expensive)

Oh and the P&O site has changed .. they now use Google Earth to track the ships .. its very cool. Check it out when you have a second. Also, if you check it when it is late at night for us, notice how light it is!! 11pm here looks like about 7pm elsewhere. (and we are currently 6 hrs ahead of the East Coast FYI)

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