Thursday, June 19, 2008

Got To Love This Business

19 June 08

Everything can change in the cruise industry with the drop of a dime. It is very often that ships change itineraries, staff changes ships, or contracts have to be ended early to accomodate the continuous flow of the business.

Unfortunately, my contract to go to Crown Princess was short lived :( Seems they need a male for berthing reasons (cabin sharing) so I can't go. I am soooo bummed out. I have been excited all last night and today about it; had chatted online with the current MTN manager and couldn't WAIT to get started on there. Then, BAM! I got an email from the MTN office that I wasn't going after all.


I am trying to cheer up - trying to focus on positive things and on my favorite quote that I tell everyone *else* when they are bummed about something ... "Everything happens for a reason"

So I am back to the waiting game. Hope I will get something soon! Keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me good luck.


Beetho said...

Wow, that's a shame. But don't worry to much. I'm sure you'll get something better. Don't foget that this is your dream job after and they need you.

Kelly said...

What a bummer! But I agree - everything happens for a reason :-)