Monday, June 2, 2008

A Happy Place

2 June 08
Norwegian Fjords

Holy moly .. so I finally found the places they make those cool IMAX movies of beautiful rivers, snow capped mountains and tranquil scenery ... its Norway!

Firstly, my satellite connection went out as we pulled into the berth; so I didn't have much to do. While I was doing bits and bobs, I waited for the shoppies to finish their drill and then we were all going for breakfast. I had seen out the windows that it was really pretty - so I of course had the camera. However, I wasn't prepared for what was really outside. The ship was docked right up against these beautiful snow capped mountains .. and there were even some waterfalls starting because it was so warm! We sat out on the Conservatory deck to eat ... it was like I was watching the IMAX movie while having breakfast; it was surreal.

After breakfast, we went to go get ready(changed out of work clothes and we put on shorts!); then Pierre, Gemma, Cat (shoppie Cat - not my Cat), Steph and me and headed out. There wasn't a lot to do, but it was such a nice day (a high of 29c - so that is 85!) so we knew we were just going to wander around (and I was going to take lots of pics!!) The town was so cute .. but not much to do .. so we followed a foot path that took us along the river .. soo pretty.

There isn't much to explain .. so I will leave you to the pics. They explain more than I ever could

Remember to check our webcam - last night it didn't get dark till midnight !!! So if it is dinner time by you, add 6 hrs and that is the time here. I want to go out and take some pics tonight after work to prove it :-)

Tomorrow we are in Skjolden - another city inside the fjords. Probably won't have a connection until we sail again in the evening.


Kirsten said... favorite flower....I could smell them as I looked at the pictures. Too bad they don't last long when you cut them.

Oh yeah the other pictures were great too. :)

Kelly said...

I sent Kevin the link to the pictures, told him he has to take me there sometime, lol