Monday, June 16, 2008

Land of the Midnight Sun

16 June 08
At Sea; heading to Bergen, Norway

Yesterday we were in the Lofoten Islands of Norway; but I was on IPM. However, it worked out to my advantage, since due to the engine issues, we were late coming to port; then it as a tender port anyway and by the time they granted shore leave for crew – it was 3.45! So I wouldn’t have bothered to go ashore anyway. I did go up on decks and take some pics. It was pretty there – but all from a distance

Lofoten Islands:

However, it has always been my treat that if I am on a full day of IPM (I don’t do it often – mostly it is half days) that I will go up to the spa. We get a 40% discount on port days .. so it is nice! I got a hot stone massage (though it wasn’t as good as the one I had in Arizona all those years ago) as well as a mani and a pedi. I don’t know if I have mentioned it, but I finally got away from wearing tips. The ones on board are crap (they use gel) so I gave up and have been letting my nails grow. They won’t ever be long, but they are in good condition now. Anyhoo, so I spent my afternoon in the spa. It was lovely – but unfortunately, it took a while and I got so relaxed I wanted to nap but I didn’t have time! So needless to say I am VERY tired today. Got to bed around 1am, after being up on decks for a bit taking pics. The skies were clear and the sun was perfect for taking pics after midnight, so I couldn’t resist.

The first pics are from about 11pm, right before I left the cyber for the night. Then you will see the clock and from then on those were the pics at that time. Some of the pics are “off” as I had to play with exposure, shutter speed and all to try to really get a good one. A few of them are bad – but I left them in because the sun looks like a giant explosion on the horizon! LOL A few of my friends said it looked like a nuclear explosion and I should photoshop the ship into the pic … since you never know what is going to happen LMAO!!! :P But you really get to see what it is like in the middle of the night from these pics. My roomie and I need to shut the curtains completely because our brains get confused and want to stay awake!!

Midnight sun:

As far as the ship, nothing really new onboard. Disco tomorrow night; So’ton is on Friday. Cat is coming down to visit me for the day. Still trying to talk with Ash about why he went to Aurora without mentioning it to me or telling me ahead of time. But he has been lax in either checking his emails, or emailing me back. Which makes me more confused because I thought this guy really cared for me. :sigh: So we will see – I am upset, angry and completely frustrated about how this is right now. I will just have to see how things go. In the meantime, I am getting nutty because I only get emails from him every few days and I don’t understand why. You all know me – when I need an answer, I won’t stop thinking about it, worrying about it or stressing about it till I get it. :/

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