Saturday, June 7, 2008

On The Road Again ...

7 June 08
almost back to the "land of the midnight sun"

We are on our way back to Norway ... left on-time yesterday and will be in port tomorrow.

So that means today was a sea day ... it was a looooooooong day. Tomorrow we will be in Stavanger (again) I think we even go there one more time before I leave. Hmmmph!

Anyway, yesterday Sam came down to visit me in Southampton. I was so excited .. I (obviously) never have visitors there .. when everyone else does. So it was good. I showed her just about every inch of the ship .. just about every where I ever spend any time .. from my cabin, to the cyber, to the laundry to the aft mooring deck .. and of course the crew bar!! LOL

Took some cool pics on the sail away; its becoming tradition to go up on the Wardie porch and watch the sail away with Brooke, Debbie and whom ever else. Then we all bring up a handful of Coronas and enjoy sailing out. Its actually nice and since I don't have a satellite connection sailing out, I don't have to be in the cyber anyway :)

Here are some pics I took:

I got some upsetting news yesterday - seems Ash decided to go back to P&O after all. I don't know why as he hasn't returned my last email and I hadn't talked to him in a little while since we were taking some space. I am really gutted about it. I thought we would end up on a ship together .. I mean I tell everyone here that if he was still here, we would still be together. The only reason I broke things off was because he was in India while I was here, and said he wasn't coming back to P&O. So I wanted to wait to see what would happen with my next ship and where he went on NCL. Hmmmm :( So I have been really distraught about that since yesterday. I actually found out from another crew member who had gone over to Aurora that day and had seen him. (Oh yeah, I didn't mention - we were in port with his ship, Aurora, all day yesterday!) He did email me to let me know he was over there .. I emailed him back but haven't heard from him yet.

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