Saturday, June 14, 2008

We're Back Online!!

14 June 08
Tromso, Norway

Its 8.30am and we are in port; and OMG – we still don’t have a connection!!! Talk about feeling isolated from the world! Thank goodness my phone works and I was able to send a text to the parentals to let them know I would be without a sat; otherwise I think my Mom might have sent out CSI: Norway to look for me! LOL

Now I am really starting to get antsy myself; I mean it has been days without Facebook!! And the Pax, forget it. They are getting nutty. Now I am really starting to get the complaints in; and unfortunately they are so thick that they don’t understand how the satellite works and just think they are at home with a broadband connection. One woman wanted to know why we couldn’t “plug in” when we were in port! OMG – RME!!!

So I am going to put up my new signage and get the hell out of here; otherwise I am only going to go batty listening to the pax say stupid things!

Going to go to breakfast with Amie after we have Safety Training at 10.30 ~ then a few of us will hopefully go ashore.


Ok, back and its now 6.45pm. The 2ndETO had paged me about 15 mins ago that it was up, so I ran up here as fast as I could get dressed and guess what? It went down again :( So he said he will be trying again at 8pm when we get on our next course. In the meantime, I am going to put up a new sign and go down to get some dinner – since I didn’t even stop for any before!

Anyway – back to today; Gemma, Pierre, Tanya and I went into Tromso; we had to pay for the bus again, but since we all got paid yesterday, we figured we could afford it :) We wandered about; it was a bit cold today so we didn’t wander long. It was a cute town with lots of little markets and such. Cunard’s Queen Victoria was in with us, so there were a lot of cruise ship pax about. We decided to splurge on lunch and went for pizza at Peppe’s Pizza (think Pizza Hut for Europe). We won’t do that again!!! It cost us 750 for 4 of us – with pizzas and sodas/beers! Holy crap! That is 75 quid, which is $150 US!! OMFG!! So back to 15 kroner cheeseburgers from McDonalds! LOL

After our extremely expensive lunch, we headed back to the ship .. we couldn’t afford anything else today! Ha ha. Pierre, Tanya and I headed up to Deck 9 ½ to take some pictures as some of the snow covered mountains were beautiful.

Its a little after 8pm ~ We are back up!!! Hooray!!! So at the moment I am trying to download emails, keep pax happy and all the while the ship has been spooky all day! We had a power outage twice, a brown out after that .. and then one of the engines wouldn’t fire up! Oy vey! She’s not a happy ship for some reason today. So because of that, Capt decided to take the longer, safer route to our next port. So we wont be getting into our next port until 1pm tomorrow. Oh well. I overheard the Staff Captain say at dinner that he wasn’t sure what was up and made a comment that he wasn’t going to be drinking tonight. Ummmm, hello?!?! That is freaking scary! (meaning we could have a problem overnight and need to go to crew alert! ACK!!) So I passed the word to the group and we all agreed, no booze tonight. Just a snack and a soda in the crew bar. We are going to all bring our laptops and have a pic swapping party instead.

Here are the pics from Tromso as well as pics from the windows by the Cyber: (once we left port this evening)

And and by the way, its official ~ I'm coming home! I got my flight info via email .. I land at JFK at 7.45pm on the 4th of July. Good day to come home if you ask me :)

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Yeah - you're coming home!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you.