Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Last Port ... OH MY!

2 July 08
leaving Gothenberg Sweden

Wow, this was it! My last port .. and I didn't even go ashore LOL

I took IPM (aka In Port Tanning ha ha) for the morning, but then the Captain changed our sail time to 3pm, so it wasn't worth getting off for an hour. Especially since town was a good 20 min shuttle ride away.

So I worked this morning till 11.30 then went to an early lunch with Amie. Afterwards I didn't have much to do. So I could have done laundry (no), packed some more (nah) or read. I wanted to just chill out and read; but since it was a nice day out, I wanted to get some sun too. So I went up to Deck 4 and combined them both. Got a chair and a stool and sat out in a sleeveless tee and shorts and read. It was sooo nice. The weather was gorgeous! Was out there for a few hours, so I got some color (thank gawd) I was beginning to look as white as I am in the winter; no one would have believed I have been on a ship all these months if I came home that pale!

Just after 3 we started to sail so I went up and watched us sail away. I actually started to cry when I realized this was my last port. I won't be anywhere else in the world on this ship - maybe not *ever* again! :( So many great memories on this ship. I am going to miss it terribly!

Tonight is the Leavers Disco - Clare and I can't believe the time has come for it to be OUR Leavers Disco! Unfortunately it is the night before a sea day, so many people can't be out all night .. but we are going to party it up anyway. I don't have to get up in the am for work; I have to go down to the crew office by 10.30 and hand in my ID, collect my passport and things, as well as pay my onboard account (eek LOL) And then the rest of tomorrow will be intermittently checking in on Christine and packing everything else! Oy!

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