Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First Sea Day

4 Aug 08 ~ Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today has been a long day; but a good one. I feel a little more at home on the ship as well as with the process of the Princess systems. I have been here most of the day, sans my lunch break and of course my nap break LOL. I am off from 4pm till 7.30 on sea days so it allows me for my nap before I head to dinner :) (though I woke up late and skipped dinner at 6.30 and went to work instead and then took a half hour to eat later on)

I am delighted with the food options - I can eat off the pax menu from upstairs, and it also offers the spa menu so I can order from that. I had a salad and a burger (no fries!) at lunch and a salad, soup and turkey for dinner. And I am trying hard to stick to my new rule: NO DESSERTS Since that is hard, I have been having lots of fruit instead and I will allow myself a little cheese once a day.

Our laminex cards (ID) were issued today and man, they put everything on them - hair, eyes, height, WEIGHT, date of birth .. Oi! I told them that I wanted a new one when I lost some weight :) The guy told me I was gorgeous the way I was (silly indian boys) LOL but it was still nice to hear!

I never made it out last night with Sheryl - I was too exausted by the time I left work. I went right into my bed around 10.30 and slept like a rock till 7.45! I certainly have missed the gentle sway of the ship (and the dark room too!) it is DE-LITE-FUL for sleeping!!! I promised I will go out tonight .. though I am already struggling and it is only 10.15pm. I will be here another 15 mins or so and then I will go back to my cabin and change. We can wear jeans and such to the crew bar, which is SWEEEET. Plus, since it is smoking in there, I dont want any of my work clothes to get stinky. There are so many nicer "perks" on here than on P&O for us; which I am loving!

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Kelly said...

I'm anxiously awaiting hearing how your first night in the crew bar went - but you better not tell us you were smoking too Missy, lol.

I'm so proud of you resisting desserts - yikes, being offered the pax menu must be a bit scary, I'd be SOOOO tempted every day!!!

Chrissy said...

just catching up on all your new post - glad to hear things are going to so good... looking forward to some pics and some good stories...