Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME

10 Aug 08

Thanks to you all for sending me e-cards and texts and for the phone calls .. this is the first time I have been away from home for my birthday I think ever. So it was nice to hear from so many people and feel so loved!

Friday night the Medical team threw a party in their ward (officers only). What a blast I had!! Oh my .. I ended up being out way to late, drank way to much, etc. HOWEVER ~ it proved to be good because I bonded with those I had already met, got to meet many more people and bonded with them (you know how everyone becomes BFF's when you are drunk) We were out till way past my bedtime and into the wee hours of the morning - I do believe I saw morning and some of you know how much I hate that!! :) Needless to say, yesterday was a struggle to get in the shower, nevermind come to work. I hadn't even remembered that there were Kahlua shots in plastic syringes, punch in the IV bag, etc. And that was on top of the drinks I had - holy! I had a mother of a headache and if it wasn't for Jacques on the Ventura keeping me awake in the morning by chatting with me on IM, I might have not made it! I felt a little better after lunch and then went for coffee to get those blood vessels in my head opening .. whew! I have to remember how well it worked for me yesterday .. and get it in my system sooner.

Anyway so after I finally finished work at 5 - I dragged my bum up to my cabin and into bed. Watched a little bit of 13 Going on 30 and then went to sleep. Got woken up by the Comp Officer who called the wrong cabin (shakes fist at Rich!) but by then I had slept for almost 2 hrs and was awake. Was hungry so I got dressed and went up to Horizons Court for something to eat. Had a little more bread than normal - pasta - but figured I needed it :) Back to work at 10 to finish help printing boarding passes (pax printer was down) and then back to bed at midnight.

Woke up today forgetting all about my birthday - it was only when I turned on my phone and got a whole bunch of texts did I remember. I guess that means I am getting old?? And it is a double number .. 33 .. maybe that will be good luck for me. Went and did my morning reports and then went back to get showered and ready to go out for 10.30. We (Sheryl, Dave (her bf) and Terri) were planning to go to the Space Needle - but it looked too overcast - so we changed our minds and just went into town. It worked out since I needed to get toner for the printer and pick up a prescription at Rite Aid. We decided since it got nice out right after we left, that we will do the Space Needle next week and I am going to try to make a reservation for lunch at the top. That will be cool!

That's all for now - I am at work this evening getting the new pax set up and answering questions. Supposed to be going to the Wardie for Quiz Night when I am done with work at 10.

Oh and here are some more pics:

Juneau evening:


The itinerary is the same every week - so I am not sure you will be getting as many pics as you are used to on the Artemis, when we had different ports every cruise. Sorry!! :( Just so you have it, here is my itinerary:

Sunday - Seattle (turnaround)
Monday - At Sea
Tuesday - Ketchikan
Wednesday - Tracy Arm Fjord (am), then Juneau (afternoon and evening)
Thursday - Skagway
Friday - At Sea
Saturday - At Sea (am), then Victoria Canada (evening)

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