Friday, August 29, 2008

My Love Boat Triangle Has Become A Square

28 Aug 08

Apparently I was bored .. so I needed to add another guy to my Pot o' Men! LOL So it was me, Richard and Boogie .. a triangle. Now add in Keenan. And if you want, throw in Angela to the mix and a hexagon it is! :) Ok, I am cracking myself up on that .. LOL

Keenan works on the cruise staff is well; he is hilarious. And I am such a sucker for a guy who is cute and can make me laugh! Had me in hysterics last night as he ran down the M1 draped in the Australian flag yelling "I am a superhero, I am ... Ozzie Man!" I had to stop walking b/c I was laughing so hard, I needed to pee .. and to do all that at the same time wasn't good. I was afraid I would pee my pants! Then when we took the lift up, he sat down in it b/c he was tired from running. I nearly died with laughter.

Anyway .. we all drank too much at the Aussie Beach Party in the wardie, then we went back to Keenan's cabin to drink more and watch Flight Of The Concords (HBO show - which is absolutely brilliant!!) and I didnt crawl back to my cabin (from one deck up thank god) till 4.30am. (and had to be at work at 8)

Needless to say I was looking a little worse for the wear today. Worked on crew computers till noon, went for lunch upstairs, called Mom and then went for a long nap. I am still quite pooped out - so I am happy that it is "hour forward" night and no one goes out. I will be in bed ... maybe I will watch a little "House"; I am already several episodes in .. had to take a break from CSI Miami .. didnt want to tire of it - but have watched most of the season already :)

Here are some pics from last night at the party: (the first pic is me with Boogie - since you guys said you wanted to see a pic of him)

Tonight I got to watch most the South Carolina game - I was thrilled!! I have been bummed out that college football season is starting and I wont have the same Saturday rituals that I had at home! :( But I looked at the schedule and there are some good games on ESPN - which we get most of the time. And Monday night the Tenneessee game is on ESPN - and it will be on when i am on break - sooooo excited woooo!!!


ashleylovesthebeach said...

Hey! It is me again! LOL Ashley from SC! Again I hope you don't mind me following your blog. ( I am living my dream job through you!) :) Anyway I wasn't going to post comments but I have to! One... I have noticed from other blogs we have one great thing in common! I absolutely LOVE Kenny Chesney! His stadium show in SC rocked! I won 2nd row tickets and was totally bummed when he got hurt. Went to see him again August 21st in Charlotte and had a blast! Secondly I love college football! Go cocks! Keep your spitirts high as it sounds as if you are now having a great time with your new friends!

Kelly said...

WOW, how do you guys manage to party so much and still function? LOL

Loving your love-square, but of course now you know we need a pic of Keegan ;-)