Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Very Own Love Boat

23 Aug 08
approaching Victoria BC

Here is a little update on my social life on the ship:

Ok, so Wed night there was that party given by the Cruise Staff backstage - I mentioned all that 2 posts ago (Touring Juneau) What I didn't mention then was - when Boogie and I were talking, he had kissed me. :) So yeah .. a little shocked on that. He is a cutie too. I wasn't sure if I should just forget about it or what. He had kissed me again before he left - and I think I liked it LOL Obviously Richard wasn't around; he had gone off in another group.

So after that I didn't see Boogie all day Thursday or Friday; damn big ship! It is possible to avoid someone you dont work with for quite some time. Last night was a repeat of the Cruise Staff party, only it was in the Wardroom this time so no one could complain about the noise. :P I was on my way there and just as I got to the steps, Richard was leaving. And who was on his tail? Angela (the girl who seems to be everywhere with him) I asked if he was coming back and he said he wasn't sure. I raised an eyebrow at him LOL I was not impressed!!

I went in to the Wardie and since it was still early - a few people (Terri, Woody, Alan, Victor) were playing Taboo and asked me to join. That was fun! Then the party got underway at about midnight. I noticed the Cruise Staff starting to trickle in around 12.30 or so - but no sign of Boogie. Hmmmm

Since I told Terri about the kiss from Boogie - she has taken it upon herself to try to get us together. So after several more drinks, and still a no-show from him, she dialed his cabin and made me talk to him. Yeah - drunk dialing .. not good LOL I asked him why he wasn't at the party and he said he was tired. I asked if he normally kisses girls and then hides from them for 2 days, then blows them off LMAO!!! He said "no baby - not at all"

Needless to say I am a little confused by both of these guys and their actions. MEN!!!

I think I am going to tell Richard to bugger off; he may be telling me nothing is going on with Angela, but unless I am with him every night (and I am not) then one never actually knows - do they? And I still don't know him well enough to trust him that much. A group of us are supposed to go out tonight in Victoria for dinner - Richard being among them. If Angela shows up, I am done! (its an open invite - whoever wants to go - but still!)

In the meantime - I did see Boogie at lunch and as I was walking out of the mess, said Hi and (quietly) apologized for last night. He just smiled and said no worries. We will see what happens there. Wish me luck!! :)

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Kelly said...

First off, boo on you for getting the Love Boat theme song stuck in my head! LOL

Let us know how everything works out, be a good girl ;-) lol