Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday At Sea

16 Aug 08
Approaching Victoria BC

Well last night was a "White and Write" party in the Wardie (Wardroom – officers bar) – I wasn’t sure what that was going to be like, but it ended up a lot of fun! (the wardie here is so much better than Artemis!!) Basically, you wear a white tee shirt to get in and then anyone can write on it. The later it got, the more people had to drink, so you were just walking up to people you barely know and writing on them. I took some pics, but I left my camera in Richard’s cabin and I haven’t seen him yet today to get it.

Yes – I know.. most of you are asking ‘who the hell is Richard??’ Richard is one of the first guys I met onboard. 43, British (can’t get away from them! Ha ha) 3 stripe engineer (ie: Sr Officer). He introduced himself like the 2nd day I was here; We became buddies really quickly as he had only gotten on the week before me and was also a “newbie” to this ship. Well, since then we hang out often and we kind of have a ‘thing’ going. No definition really. We have been honest with each other and it will only be for while we are onboard – nothing more. Onboard companions, friends, lovers (sorry Mom I know you don’t want to read that LOL) Everyone gets lonely out at sea – so there is no reason not to have someone to talk to, have a drink or dinner with and even have a nice cuddle from. We sign off on the same week in November, so it works out really well.


So today was really busy for me; Saturdays always are. We are still at sea until 5pm, so the natives are getting restless and cranky since they are bored. They are packing their stuff, then coming down here and printing boarding passes for their flights; of course they have no patience and there are swarms of them doing it all at once, so I run ragged all day.

Today at lunch I got to see Orca whales! Supposedly the straights we come into the Victoria area in is known for spotting the orca’s, so a few of the guys in the mess kept looking out the windows and Phil, the SECO (Security Officer) spotted them! It was sooo cool. Of course I wish I had my camera with me – but how was I to know. Sigh – oh well. My pics wouldn’t have been that good anyway, since they were not that close (its not like they came up to the side of the ship to say hi! Ha ha).

I didn’t get off tonight – I like my Saturday nights onboard. I get finish around 5, then I can chill out and do anything I want till about 9.30 or 10pm. I have to work since I need to shut down the café at 11pm, and I always have last minute stragglers to print boarding passes or to complain (Oi!). I watched a little Jeff Dunham (needed the laughs) then did some laundry (it is so nice b/c it is only up one floor so it is very close!) and took a short nap. Had a late dinner and now I am in the café for the next 45 mins or so.

Whoa! For a nice change of pace to my shitty work week, I just had a passenger come in to get my last name so she could submit a COMPLIMENT form for me. I had helped her out and did her a small favor by letting her use my laptop to access a University site that she couldn’t get to using our workstations. She had been so nice but so stressed, that I felt bad for her. So I had her come back on my evening shift when it was less busy (and less pax would see what I am doing (b/c they would want me to do it for them too!)) and I logged in and let her use my laptop in the café. She was so delighted that she was able to post her homework and enjoy the rest of her cruise without worry. So that, my friends, makes up for the crappy attitude I have been getting from the officers on board. The purser can take the complaints from last cruise and SHOVE THEM :)

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