Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seattle Sunday

17 Aug 08

What a nice day today! The weather was lovely; warm, sunny .. nice change from rainy, cold Alaska this week.

Last week we made a plan to go to lunch for my birthday (since we didnt do much last week) and I thought it would be cool to have lunch at the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle. Yes I know I am afraid of heights, but doing this type of thing (and getting through it) is liberating!! (Btw, I actually did great - must be all those drugs I am taking!! LOL just kidding)

So Terri and I went into town - I need to do *another* toner run (what a pain in the ass!) before we met up with Sheryl and Dave. We met them at 11am (they had errands to run as well) and then we took the Monorail (think Disney, but smaller) to the Space Needle. It was really cool. Because I made a reservation (they only take ressies) we didn't have to wait in any lines, just walked right up to the restaurant check-in desk and up we went! Our table wasn't ready right away, so they took us up one level to the Observation Deck first. It was pretty awesome to see our very large ship, looking so tiny from up there :)

Our table was ready and back down one level we went to the restaurant. VERY COOL!!! Almost every table was near the window and those that weren't were up higher than the ones that were; so everyone got a great view. And of course - the restaurant turned 360 degrees, so from start to finish, you got to see it from every angle possible.

Yes I took pics - but the net is running really really slow tonight, so I will upload them tomorrow when it gets a little better once we are out in the open seas.

Oh and did I mention the food was FABULOUS. I figured it would be overpriced so-so food. It was $45 per person for brunch and it was a scrummy meal. I had New England Clam Chowder to start, Pancakes that were to die for and a delish NY style cheesecake; and a Mimosa to top it off. YUM YUM YUM

After that, everyone had a few things to do before we headed back to the ship - so we went our seperate ways. I got back on the Monorail and went over to Ross (the monorail is across the street from where the shuttle drops us off - Ross, Rite Aid and Office Depot are one block over) I was looking for a pair of dressier shoes than my fancy crocs heels. I found a really cute pair, but the queue for the cashiers was ridiculous. I wasn't in the mood - so I put them back and headed back for the shuttle. I will go over next week when I have more time. Just as I got to the shuttle stop, I ran into Terri and then we ran into Gemma (good friend of Richard's from another ship they were on) and we shared a cab back.

I got back to my cabin - made my phone calls to the parents and then went for my nap :) That's all for now; hopefully I will get all the pics posted from the party the other night as well as the Space Needle tomorrow. Stay Tuned :)

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Larry said...

I did the needle 4 years ago, it was a nice experience, and your right, the food up there is far better than I expected. At the time I went, there was a carnival on one of the streets below, so it was like a disney experience.

Glad you had a good time :)