Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome to the Last Frontier!

5 aug 08

Aww, bless her .. Mom Mom (Scott's grandmother) had always wanted to come to Alaska on a cruise as she said (all the time, mind you) that "Alaska was the last frontier". So I thought of her today; poor thing never did make it up here before she passed on.


We were in Ketchikan, Alaska today; I opted to stay onboard. I wanted to wander the ship on my own without so many pax on board (watching me get lost LOL) and figure out some more crew passages, etc. Besides, Sheryl and Dave were just going into town to wander. So nothing I can't do next week (or the week after ..) Basically I have heard that if you aren't on a tour - there isn't much to do other than shop and dine. So I could skip both most times! Lastly - my ankles are swollen again so I need to keep off my feet when I can. (No I am not having ANY salt, yes my BP is fine) Its because of all the steel I am surrounded by, as well as being on my feet A LOT. It will go down; like last time. Its just that I am not used to being on my feet, around all this steel, walking this much and climbing so many stairs!

The stair thing is good though; gives me exercise. I am still doing great with my eating. (yes I know it has only been a few days - but a challenge nonetheless) I will not eat bread itself; or rice. I only allow myself a starch (potatoes or pasta) once a day. I dont count cereal in that b/c it is high fiber with low fat milk and a banana. I have fruit as my "dessert" and allow myself a 1" chunk of cheese after dinner with some cantaloupe. Once I am comfortable with my eating habits, I will cut down on the actual portion sizes. (I eat a normal sized salad, as well as my meal) I went topside today and found the pax buffet called Horizons Court (it was called the Conservatory on Artemis) and wow - the food options are sooo much better! Full salad bar .. YUM! I had a beautiful salad of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, grated cheese and then low fat italian dressing. I then had a piece of turkey with green beans for my meal. Dinner was a caesar salad and veal scallopine w/veggies; delish! I think I can do this - someone is actually doing all the cooking for me, so why not?! And now that the food options are better, I am going to give it 110%.

Ok - enough about my diet and food! :)

Last night was the disco; Sheryl and I went to the Wardroom first for a bit, then headed to the crew bar. WOW - it was like a small nightclub. Not anything like the Artemis'a tiny crew bar disco's (though I missed all my friends last night) I met some more people (friends and acquaintances of Sheryl's) so I hope soon enough I will be making my own friends. We hung out there for a while and at about 2am, I called it quits. Even though it was clocks-back, I still had to get some rest and be at work for 8am. I am so tired. But not to worry; I think it is the time change, the fact that I am working hard and then running all over this ship to get anywhere! I am sure I will be good by next week.

Took lots of pics of the ship, the view from topside into town, etc. I am going to work on getting the pics uploaded and resized on my laptop tonight; if we have a satellite connection tomorrow morning, then I will get them online. If not, it will have to wait till Juneau tomorrow afternoon.


Kelly said...

The food sounds yummy! So proud of you, sounds like you're on track to be really healthy on board.

Hope your ankles get adjusted quickly!

I can't wait to see your pictures :)

Kippy said...

Good job Stay!! Take it easy though with everything as you adjust. Get lots of rest!

What are your hours in the cafe?

Looking forward to more blogging and pictures!!!