Friday, August 8, 2008

What You've All Been Waiting For


Here are what I have taken so far - up till Wednesday afternoon:

Seattle Sailaway:


Ketchikan and Ship Pics:

Tracy Arm:

Didnt take many pics of Juneau - mostly of Sheryl and the ridiculous amounts of movie popcorn she got (when she told them we can't go to the movies because their showings are too late (we sail at 10, but crew has to be onboard by 9) they felt bad and gave her extra popcorn. So I will get those and the pics from Skagway from yesterday done soon.


Kirsten said...

Love the pictures wifey!

Do you have your own cabin?

Kelly said...

Yay for all the pictures!!! I've looked at every single picture you've posted in this blog, so definitely keep 'em coming, even if it's more ice floating by, lol.

Samantha said...

Sorry another person here asking if you have your own cabin?