Friday, September 5, 2008

Catching up

5 Sept 08
at sea

So I had a shitty day at work on Wednesday morning; basically I sent an email to my shoreside manager about the pax that called me a bitch. She replied and CC'd in the director, who then emailed me and bitched me out on all the things I must have done wrong. So needless to say I was pissed off, upset and ready to pack it in and go home.

Of course I knew I was over-reacting so I didnt say anything to anyone; I drafted an email back but I didnt send it as I know better to wait it out and sleep on it. Then I talked to Mom who calmed me down (as she always does) and then I stayed in that day. Wasn't in the mood to go out in Juneau as it was cold and drizzling so I stayed in and watched about 5 episodes of House, then took a nap. I was more relaxed later that day and wrote a nice, cordial email back to my director. (I still didnt send it till Thursday morning)

I went up to the Wardie that night and it felt better to talk it over with my friends. It seems it is very common for shoreside to say things like that; Jemma told me that even though she doesnt cover my dept for Personnel and Training, I could come and chat with her anytime - which made me feel better. Also, a few of them told me they would refuse to let me quit .. which made me feel good and loved :)

So after too many drinks in the wardie and waking up with my normal hangover headache (right between the eyes) I got up on Thursday and went to work .. of course 5 mins after I got there I was searching for my coffee :) Met up with my friend Jelena, who is my counter part on the Island Princess, for breakfast in Skagway at 10.30. Was done and back on the ship by about 12.30 or so and then I took a nap. Had a bad tummy ache (I think I drink too much coffee and eat too much salad) I felt better when I got up.

Today was a sea day and it wasnt too busy - I am just finishing up my shift now and then I am going to go get ready for tonights party. Back to School night at the Wardie! I have most of my outfit but I need a tie!! I was supposed to get one from Keenan, but I haven't seen him today. So when I finish now I will go and see if I can find him; if not, I will have to make a few calls to the guys for someone to lend me one. I will have my camera with me of course :)

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