Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dry Dock - the first 36 hrs

23 Sept 08
Tully's Coffee (free wi-fi!!) Seattle, WA

It has been a crazy and chaotic first few days of dry dock!! I worked my ass off on Sat and Sun getting the cafes packed up and moved into storage .. whew!!! Thank goodness I was all done by dinner time on Sunday; so now it is just chill out and do whatever I want, when I want. And the cool thing is .. I am getting paid!! woo woo So it makes the 2 days on Sat and Sun worth it

Here are some pics of the ship - the first 3 are of the internet cafe before I finished packing up all the equipment on Sat night (before moving it all on Sun) and then the rest is of the cafe on Monday morning .. then the other pics are of all the construction and craziness going on everywhere in the main atrium areas on deck 7

Dry Dock Pics:

The first night we didnt go ashore - everyone worked hard on Sunday so a bunch of us went to the Wardie and just chilled out there. Andrea and I drank until about 12am and then she had the brilliant idea to order pizza - hey, why not?? So the last pic in the album is of Jamie carrying our pizza through security at the terminal :)

Last night everyone seemed to be off from work (of those who are still working) so we all met in the wardie at 8, had a few drinks and then headed off into town. We went to Belltown first, but it was dead, so we headed to Pioneer Square. It wasn' t all that busy either - we had a drink in a place called J&M's and then decided where to head next. There was an Irish bar called Fado (my US friends will know it - it is a chain) and we went there. It was much more busy than the other bars. We hung out there a while and had some good drinks and food. We tried to steal a table from a couple who was finishing up, but they ended up letting us sit with them and they stayed and hung out; they were David and Emily from Sacremento, CA. We left a little later to meet up with some more crew who were at another irish bar called Kells - we had a hard time finding it, but finally we did. And the funny thing was - David and Emily came with us LOL (we are a cool group of peeps!!) I have a bunch of silly pics from the night - we got back around 1am - Andrea and I brought Christian home as he was out of his tree!!!

Night Out in Seattle:

So right now Andrea and I are just pounding the *free* internet for a while and people watching. We will head back to the ship in a bit and then I am not sure what I am going to do later on tonight. We sail to San Fran tomorrow morning - so this is our last night in Seattle.

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